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Deceptive Marketing
Part II

Since this page was created in 2009
James Overman of Harmonic Quad
and Arthur Doerksen of Auto-Zap
have both passed away


PARAZAPPER is a pathetic fraud -- the ultimate jealous competitor -- he has completely destroyed his credibility
by making
false statements about my zapper

and my site, by attacking me personally, and by unethical, deceptive
and dishonest marketing practices that culminated in his trying to clone The Ultimate Zapper -- and taking its name for his zapper
-- to read the full story click here

is not affiliated with Dr. Clark -- but David Amrein still calls

his company the "Dr. Clark Research Association" and still calls his shop
"Dr. Clark's Shop" ... why did he agreed to a Federal court judgment
for making false medical claims and fraudulent advertising?

AUTO-ZAP used to tell people his zapper
kills parasites -- now he says it doesn't

-- he says it "wakes up" the immune system, parroting the "final theory"
of Dr. Clark -- and he promises nothing short of the moon -- a "lifetime
of wellness" in 5 minutes flat with his AutoZap 5 -- read more

HARMONIC QUAD claims harmonics make it
"the strongest zapper ... it kills most invaders in 3 minutes"

but James Overman offers no evidence whatsoever to support his categorical claims -- while electronics expert Dr. Howard May says
"the Quad is digital and digital equipment does not produce any harmonics"

TERMINATOR customers have complained for years
to the maker that it causes deep skin burns -- so why does

Don Croft deny receiving email about "unpleasant skin reactions"
(his own words) while his distributor has been warning for years
that "it can burn through the skin"... and there is no trial offer or warranty

SILVER TERMINATOR says his site is "educational"
-- but Ken Adachi has been branded a "malicious liar"

by many people for deliberately lying and defaming them on his
site -- IN CAPITAL LETTERS -- where he misrepresents my site and
my zapper and he defames me personally -- read my response below

-- is a Terminator clone

that he promotes in his health shows -- but the facts show he knows
zip-dee-do about electronics and, not surprisingly,
didn't even develop the zapper that he promotes


1. PARAZAPPER -- click -- here


3. AUTOZAP -- click -- here

4. HARMONIC QUAD -- click -- here

5. TERMINATOR -- click -- here

6. SILVER TERMINATOR -- click -- here

7. WOLFE'S LONGEVITY ZAPPER -- click -- here


This section was written before Arthur Doerksen
passed away from Cancer in 2016

& Dr. Clark Research Association

Some zapper makers fall short in the ethics department. Many make false medical claims on their sites and some have faced legal action as a result of those false claims. Some have a problem telling the truth about my zapper and my site.


Arthur Doerksen claims his "wellness" zapper "boosts immunity in 5 minutes". The only problem is he can't document his claim -- and he doesn't -- because it is false. It has been characterized by a customer as "vague and unsubstantiated". I discuss below why Arthur is vulnerable to legal action and why I am receiving customer complaints about his zapper.

A customer who bought AutoZap SuperZappicator FC 8 based on Arthur's personal assurance called it a "big waste of money". Another customer commented "... I also have an Auto-Zap which is about THE most useless thing I ever wasted hard earned money on ...". One customer recently commented "The Ultimate Zapper is much more powerful [than Auto-Zap]." A dowser commented "... Arthur Doerksen's device ... works but not very well ... Yours won among all the others offered on the net". Read his email.

Arthur Doerksen reads the bible while zapping and signs his emails with "blessings". He has been maligning my zapper since 1996. Read about his business ethics and marketing practices and more.

Dr. Clark Research Association

David Amrein is President of the Dr. Clark Research Association that Dr. Hulda Clark was never affiliated with and is not an association. It is a company and David Amrein is the sole owner. He is a business graduate, not a doctor, but he wears a white medical gown on his site and he uses Dr. Clark's name without her consent. He fled the US for Switzerland after Federal court action against him for false medical claims. He settled with the government. Read customer complaints in their own words below. After I exposed his ethics he said he would "get to" me. Read more below.

I recently received a promotional email from David Amrein. He talks about giving up his Dr. Clark info site: "I had to turn over www.drclark.net to an unrelated third party in 2004 due to a suit against the Federal Trade Commission." Sounds reasonable. The only problem is it's not true. The suit was by the FTC against him -- for false medical claims and false advertising -- not by him against the FTC. Here are the Federal court documents. He still owns his zapper site and still ships to the US backed by false medical claims on the very same information site that caused him to be charged by the government. The only difference is that the site is now owned by friends he calls "an unrelated third party". They are his proxy and they have a direct link to his site. He threatened to "get to" me after I exposed his ethics. Read more below.

The Terminator

The Terminator appeals to a special audience with its esoteric features. But The Charts that are based on the features that make zappers effective show it is a common zapper. Many people including practitioners say it is not very effective. Read what they say below. Don Croft who created The Terminator has been very gracious to endorse The Ultimate Zapper and I am very grateful to him for his endorsement.


Click here.


Two Deceptions -- for Starters

The first deception: The Dr. Clark Research Association (the Super DeLuxe 2003, Super Zapper DeLuxe 2006, Dr. Clark Full Gamma II, the Vari-Zapper and the Vari-Gamma), Dr. Hulda Clark Zappers, Dr. Hulda Clark Digital Zapper, HFA-4 Hulda Clark Zapper, the Clark Zapper, the Z4e-Extreme Hulda Clark Zapper, the Auto-Zap and Auto-Zap 5 (Hulda Clark Zappers) and ParaZapper (Hulda Clark zappers) use Dr. Clark's name -- without her consent -- to promote sales. Dr. Clark does not endorse them and is not affiliated with any manufacturer or any site or any product that uses her name -- according to her own website.

The second deception: digital "zappers" are not zappers at all. They are frequency generators. Their makers call them zappers because the market for zappers is much larger than the market for frequency generators and they want to be in the big marketplace with popular zappers, not in the small marketplace with no zappers around. There is a huge difference between zappers and frequency generators which I discuss at #4 on the FAQ Page. I discuss the complexity and high cost of frequency generators in the Dr. Clark Research Association section on the Competition 1 Page. Digital makers often take advantage of people's confusion to sell them hundreds of dollars worth of products they don't need -- or even understand -- like syncrometers, program drivers and smart keys. These manufacturers claims that their "zappers" are superior but Dr. Clark says "sophisticated gizmos" do not make them better or more effective, they only make them look more impressive. The fact is that all digitals have weak formulas and they don't even produce harmonics according to Dr. Howard May. The Charts that include 10 digital "zappers" for comparative purposes show that the best of the lot has only 4 of 12 features that make zappers effective.

David Amrein owns the Dr. Clark Research Association. He is not a doctor yet he wears a white medical gown on his site as he recounts the story of his recent flight to Africa -- like a latterday Albert Schweitzer. He delivers the news that his zapper (over $400 -- not including the required add-ons) is effective against malaria -- inferring that this is unique and unprecedented. Can the Nobel Prize be far off? He ignores the fact that The Ultimate Zapper ($199.95 -- no add-ons required) has been used for years by doctors in hospitals in several African countries to successfully eradicate malaria in a matter of days -- backed by blood tests. For example, Dr. Ben G. in Zambia treats all his malaria patients with The Ultimate Zapper. All blood tests have come back from the lab "malaria negative" after 6 days of zapping. David Amrein says I have "bad business ethics". After Dr. Hulda Clark died he emailed everyone on his email list that she died from a spinal cord injury. Her death certificate states that she died from hypercalcemia which is associated with multiple myeloma, a form of cancer. This information was provided by Dr. Clark's family. David Amrein removed the erroneous information about Dr. Clark's death from his site once the true cause of death was disseminated on the Internet -- but there is no longer any mention on his site about Dr. Clark's death, or the cause of death. This is no surprise since his protocol and products are marketed with the medical claim of killing cancer. David Amrein says I have "bad business ethics".

For years David Amrein has stated on his site that his zapper's "stabilized wave remains stable under load. No other zapper on the market has such a stable wave!" But The Ultimate Zapper has had a stabilized wave for years. I wonder why David Amrein ignores the information on my site -- and my emails reminding him about The Ultimate Zapper's stabilized wave. In fact, I am the only maker in the world who provides visual proof for a stabilized wave. David Amrein says I have "bad business ethics".



David Amrein wears a white medical gown in a medical setting on his site so one might get the impression he is a doctor. He does not mention his credentials. He is not a doctor. He has one reference on his site stating he has a degree in naturopathy but this is deceptive. His c.v. is located on a different site. It shows he never actually practiced naturopathy. It shows his studies focused on business, that he has a business degree and that most of his work experience has been in the field of marketing. He is also a scientologist.


Many people believe that Dr. Clark was affiliated with David Amrein's Dr. Clark Research Association and his Dr. Clark's Shop because he deliberately creates this impression. This is deceptive. She was not. Dr. Clark clearly stated on her site she was not linked to any maker. She said: "There are ... websites and companies using my name ... I am not affiliated with any ... I do not endorse any manufacturer." Read more about "Dr. Clark's Shop" and the "Dr. Clark Research Association" -- solely owned by David Amrein.

David Amrein's site is essentially a long order form based on the exploitation of Dr. Clark's name to sell hundreds of products.


... that has recently been superceded by his more expensive Vari-Zapper model. Dr. Hulda Clark invented the zapper. She says "sophisticated gizmos" do not make zappers more effective. They only make them look more impressive. Though I disagree with Arthur Doerksen (an electrical engineer) about many things, as you can see in the section below about the Auto-Zap zapper, I definitely agree with this statement on his site: "As you probably know, various multiple-frequency [digital] zappers exist; some, like the DCRA's [Dr. Clark Research Association's] Super Zapper Deluxe, offer pluggable modules to alter the frequency with "program driver" chips. The truth is, these are simply not necessary and often reduce the effectiveness of your zapping time."


"Hi Ken, I am very impressed with your website. I have 3 Dr. Clark Research Association zappers and I have never noticed any change in my health when using them ..." Thanks, Ward S., Apr. 30, 2008

"... In the mean time [until her Ultimate Zapper arrives] I will continue zapping with my [Dr. Clark Research Association] super deluxe zapper. I am busy with the driver programs but I don't see [any] progress after 2 months of zapping." best regards, Ann V., Jan. 25, 2008



I have been living in south-east Asia for 17 years. I am married to a native. We have a lovely home and garden. David Amrein recently initiated an exchange of emails with me. He has made an accusation as outlandish as it is defamatory. He says it is obvious that I am "hiding out" -- he does not explain from what or from whom -- and this explains why I can "get away with" making medical claims. This is an ironic accusation in light of the fact that David Amrein agreed to a US Federal court judgment in 2004 regarding false medical claims and fraudulent advertising -- and in light of the fact that he himself is hiding out in Switzerland -- the most famous tax haven in the world. Customers tell me he doesn't reply to emails. David Amrein needs to read my Disclaimer. I make no medical claims on my site or in my email correspondence -- and I answer all emails within 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Why is David Amrein is hiding out in Switzerland? He ran his US business in the US for years -- then high-tailed it to Switzerland after charges were filed in US Federal court against him regarding false medical claims and fraudulent advertising. He got away with false medical claims and fraudulent advertising for years until the FDA caught up with him in 2003. He ended up agreeing to a US Federal court judgment but has recently tried to create a loop-hole from Switzerland where he continues to make those very same false medical claims directed to his US customers and continues to ship to the US from his Swiss haven. More below.

I have lived overseas for over 15 years. I did not leave Canada because of "hot pursuit" or under any pressure from the authorities. I left for personal reasons. My business is still located in Vancouver, Canada, where I established it in 1996. All orders are shipped from Vancouver. I make no medical claims. David Amrein has had the arrogance to send me an ultimatum to "clean up" my site -- or else. He says "I want to sue you", has threatened to "get to" me and has threatened to write Health Canada alleging I am making medical claims and has tried to get to my Internet Service Provider. He needs to read my Disclaimer. He should disabuse himself of any notion that he can intimidate me. He has no idea who he is dealing with. I believe it is unwise for people in glass houses to throw stones. In my opinion David Amrein lives in a big glass house. I imagine he will be informing Health Canada about the medical claims Arthur Doerksen makes for his new Auto-Zap 5 zapper. Why not try to kill two birds with one stone, eh? I hear that Arthur Doerksen is hiding out in a suburb of Vancouver, Canada, where he resides with his family.

Update: Sadly, Arthur Doerksen passed away in February, 2016.


David Amrein recently initiated an exchange of emails with me. I have posted most of the exchange here. More to come. He claims our emails are private correspondence and has demanded I remove them from this site. If you read them you will see why. They don't make him look very good. My Disclaimer and Privacy Page explains Canadian Copywrite law does not protect correspondence. It is perfectly legal for Canadians to publish correspondence. I am Canadian. I have asked David Amrein to transmit my email address to his lawyer so that we can discuss his defamatory statements. I believe they put David Amrein at great risk. I have not heard from his lawyer -- yet.


The Dr. Clark Research Association should be called the David Amrein Research Association because it is solely owned by David Amrein and is not affiliated with Dr. Clark, according to the statements Dr. Clark makes on her site. Her statements have not deterred David Amrein from using her name to promote his products. In fact, there are so many products on his site it looks like an encyclopedia. More below. In his emails to me David Amrein claims he obtained Dr. Clark's permission in 1998 to use her name for his site. I have repeatedly asked him for proof of his claim but he has repeatedly refused to provide any. Dr. Clark has not issued a statement supporting David Amrein's claim. Nor has David Amrein provided any proof that Dr. Clark has allowed him to profit from using her name by calling his shop Dr. Clark's Shop. People who see Dr. Clark's Shop might get the impression that Dr. Clark is affilliated with it. Dr. Clark says she most certainly is not. Dr. Clark's Shop should be called David Amrein's Shop. If and when David Amrein provides proof of an affiliation with Dr. Clark or an endorsement by Dr. Clark I will be glad to post it here. I am still waiting.

September 9, 2009. I have a sad piece of news to report today. Dr. Hulda Clark passed away on September 3, 2009.


I believe that David Amrein is deceptive about his marketing practices and that he still makes unsubstantiated claims for his products. His site is a maze of hundreds of products. The Vari-Zapper has recently replaced the Super DeLuxe but it is basically the same device -- only more expensive. According to the order page on his site the Super Deluxe/Vari-Zapper is not a "stand-alone" product. You need to spend a substantial amount of money for everything required to make the Super DeLuxe/Vari-Zapper work as designed because it is designed to work as a frequency generator. The Vari-Zapper can only be used as a zapper if a "module" that costs $126.00 is added on -- bringing the total cost of this zapper to $420.00 If the add-ons are not added to the Super DeLuxe it functions as a common high-frequency zapper. Read more at #4 and #5 on the FAQ Page about the difference between a zapper and a frequency generator.

But wait. This is only the beginning of a long and expensive trek. To make the Super DeLuxe/Vari-Zapper work as designed you also need the "Smart Key Programmer, Hard - & Software" that costs $600.00, the smart keys and the program drivers, the syncrometer -- David Amrein's model costs $309.00 -- the course to become proficient in the use of the sycrometer -- which can take 6 months -- and the test vials that cost nearly $800.00. Here is what Dr. Hulda Clark -- the inventor of the zapper and the syncrometer -- has to say about the syncrometer: "Excellent results are possible without synchrometer testing ..." Nevertheless, the syncrometer is the basis of David Amrein's marketing-driven syncrometer/smart key approach. In The Cure for All Diseases Dr. Clark stated that the simplest, least expensive and most effective way to kill pathogens is to forget about the expensive and compicated frequency generator option and use a zapper -- you don't need a syncrometer, syncrometer courses, test vials or a Super DeLuxe frequency generator "zapper" with its smart keys and program drivers. All you need is a single-frequency zapper, according to Dr. Clark. Ironically, David Amrein uses Dr. Clark's name to sell exactly the opposite approach -- and a very expensive one at that.


Who is the Dr. Clark Research Center [more below] and why do they direct people on their site as follows: "To buy a syncrometer go here: Syncrometer under Products Dr. Clark". The Dr. Clark Research Center uses Dr. Clark's name to lead people directly to David Amrein's order page -- in spite of the fact Dr. Clark says you can get excellent results without the syncrometer. David Amrein has stopped using photos of Dr. Clark smiling down on his website since I started writing about this on my site. But the Dr. Clark Information Center uses those photos on their site where they point prospective buyers directly to the order page on David Amrein's site. Well, there is not much difference between David Amrein having both the information and sales pages on his own site and having the Dr. Clark Research Center information site put a direct link to his order page on their site. It sure looks like a happy marriage, not an accident or a coincidence and certainly not the "independent" arrangement David Amrein insists it is. This "independent" arrangement helps David Amrein sell his "Zincrometer" that costs $309.00, his "Smart Key Programmer, Hard- & Software" that costs $600.00, and all the other add-ons available on his order page. David Amrein's marketing practices are based on this principle: use Dr. Clark's name to promote sales but do not publish any statements by her that may have a negative impact on sales -- such as her statement that "excellent results are possible without synchrometer testing."


From the customer's side, trying to assess the practical aspects of all this is not an easy task. The first question that comes to mind is, "Do the results justify spending so much money and devoting so much time and energy to this project?" Maybe yes, but maybe no. Results are not guaranteed no matter how much time, money and effort you put into all this. Electrical engineer Arthur Doerksen has stated the expensive, complicated approach "is not necessary". And these 3 testimonials are typical of many unsolicited testimonials I have received about the Super Deluxe Zapper:

"... In the mean time [while waiting for my Ultimate Zapper to arrive] I will continue zapping with my super deluxe zapper, I am busy with the driver programs but I don't see [any] progress after 2 months of zapping.

best regards,
Ann V.
Jan. 25, 2008"


I am interested in purchasing The Ultimate Zapper, but would first like to know what the "Big Savings on 2 or More Zappers" consists of ??? Shortly after the release of "Cure for All Diseases, my husband built 3 zappers using Hulda Clark's directions. Using this home-built zapper and the Clark "Herbal Parasite Killing Program, an egg-size mass in my breast disappeared within 6 weeks. We were interested in a frequency generator, so a number of years ago we purchased the early model of the Super Zapper DeLuxe with the Smart Keys. In the years since, we have not noticed any results with the Super Zapper DeLuxe. I have learned a lot by reading your site and the additional pages I was able to access by Googling "The Ultimate Zapper". I appreciate the effort you have put into the "Comparison Charts" and organizing the "Testimonials". I will look forward to hearing of your offer for 2 Ultimate Zappers.

Thank you,
Sheila C.
Aug. 4, 2010."

"Dear. Mr. Presner:

My wife and I just purchased your zapper a couple weeks ago after having one from what we thought was Dr. Clark for a couple years (was from the foundation) [the Dr. Clark Research Association]. We purchased it to help kill parasites, but ended up getting the Swiss chips [the Smart Keys] to kill cancer and help heal my prostate. I have battled prostate cancer for a few years now. Can you tell me if this zapper kills cancer cells, especially those within or without the prostate? By the way, our old one appeared to be malfunctioning and when I called and left messages for help, I never got a call back. I spoke with one person who said someone would call me back, and even after leaving two more messages, no answer. I wouldn't exactly call that good customer service! Anyway, it forced us to look further and eventually find you. God works in some mysterious ways at times. Their zapper would constantly be going out of sync and beeping until I hit a button a couple times and then it would start up again till one or two sequences later when it would start all over again. We finally began to wonder if it was working at all. (??)

Ken T.
Feb. 2, 2010"

The Super DeLuxe and its required add-ons are just the beginning of the long odyssey into David Amrein's world of sophisticated marketing practices, encyclopedic list of products and implied medical claims.

But wait. According to the Dr. Clark Research Center, David Amrein's Super DeLuxe/Vari-Zapper and all the required add-ons may not be sufficient for treating cancer, which is still the focus of David Amrein's site and the Dr. Clark Information Center. They both recommend the The 21-day Dr. Clark Cancer Curing Program to "cure" cancer -- in spite of the 2004 US Federal court agreement involved false medical claims made for The Program by David Amrein. In my opinion, nothing has changed regarding David Amrein's false medical claims. I explain why on this page. The 21-day Program was developed by Dr. Clark. Conveniently, the products you need for The 21-day Cancer Curing Program are for sale on David Amrein's site in Dr. Clark's Shop. The cost of The Program is $1890.00 but the final tally is much higher because The 21-day Program is supplemented by other "clean-ups" that are not included in the price. The $1890.00 price for The 21-day Program includes the Super DeLuxe 2006 and the supplements. It does not include the cost of the syncrometer, the cost of the course to become proficient in its use which can take 6 months, the cost of the the smart keys and the program drivers, and the cost of the test vials. And The 21-day Program does not include the substantial cost of the other "clean-ups".


David Amrein says the cost of the program is "reasonable". You be the judge. Here is The 21-day Dr. Clark Cancer Curing Program from the Dr. Clark Information Center site. Apparently, it only applies to cancer. What about Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn's disease and all the other diseases? Is it also applicable to other diseases? I believe that Dr. Clark's work clearly points in this direction. I followed some of her suggestions in The Cure for All Diseases and was very glad when my health showed dramatic improvement. I did not follow the expensive and complicated 21-day Program yet I was able to recover from both Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn's disease. More below.

Have a look at these 6 encyclopedic lists of things that The 21-day Program requires you to do: Saliva Tests, Syncrometer testing, Test Flow Sheet, Search What and Where, Clearing Body, and Changes to Make.

Here is a direct quote from Arthur Doerksen's old Auto-Zap site -- no longer online -- about learning how to use the syncrometer for testing purposes:

"Although simple in concept, the syncrometer is difficult to master. Dr. Clark says it requires six months of diligent practice before one is ready to test others. It also requires the creation or purchase of a great many test substances for use as test standards, to enable one to thoroughly test and research the human body with its many systems and organs. We are always looking for more people to become Syncrometer testers but it is definitely not for everyone."

Think you're done yet? Think again. The 21-day Program does not include the cost of the dental "clean-up" -- the removal of "silver amalgam" fillings from the mouth that contain 50% mercury, and their replacement with plastic composites or other mercury-free, biocompatible dental materials.

Think you're done yet? Think again. The 21-day Program does not include the cost of chelation therapy to remove mercury from the organs and tissues after the dental "clean-up" is done. In my opinion the dental "clean-up" and chelation therapy are the 2 most important things in the recovery process, and the first things to do.

Think you're done yet? Think again. The 21-day Program does not include the cost of the other "clean-ups", the liver cleanses and the kidney cleanses. I think it is obvious by now that The 21-day Program is very complicated, very expensive and very rigorous. In my opinion, anyone who decides to do it must have extraordinary energy and motivation, the patience of Job and a lot of money to see it through.


The Test Flow Sheet on the Dr. Clark Information Center site states: "For the 3-Week Cancer Curing Program ... This flow sheet gives you a path that leads to success with certainty." After using the words "cure" and "certainty" which create expectations that cannot be called vague, you'll find the following caveats on the Dr. Clark Information Center web site:

"Please bear in mind that:

* the dental clean-up and other clean-ups are still the core of the therapy;
* no therapy in medicine works in 100% of the cases, and the disappointing result may be just for lack of correct application.
* the best results are only possible if Syncrometer testing is available.
* With this 3 week program dentalwork, homeography, platezapping and the correct diet for each single case are part of this protocol and not to be done without."

Hold on now. Let me digress. Do you mean to say we're not done yet? Homeography -- the "Tools for Homeographic Beginner's Set" costs $232.00 -- platezapping -- the "Beginner's Set for Platezapping" costs $423.00 -- and correct diet? You didn't mention these items before. And after spending all the required time, effort and money on all of the above, if there is a "disappointing result" you tell me that it may be because of "lack of correct application". What the heck does that mean? I "applied" something incorrectly? What did I "apply" incorrectly? How can I find out what I "applied" incorrectly after I have "applied" the hundreds of things that The 21-day Program requires? And if I can't figure this out who can help me figure this out? Or do you mean I have to take a guess, start all over again and hope for the best -- again?

When all is said and done, after all the expense, after all the time and effort, after all the "application", after using the words "cure" and "certainty" which create unequivocal expectations, Dr. Clark Information Center presents its list of caveats and its Disclaimer that deny all the claims they have just been made for their 21-Day Program. Oh, and don't forget the Dr. Clark Reserach Association's own disclaimer that is separate from the Information Center's disclaimer. It looks to me like they have all their bases covered with two sets of disclaimers. Let me double check. Yup, all their bases are covered -- after you have spent all your hard-earned money on their products and are waiting for them to reply to your emails because you are waiting for results and you don't understand what you are doing wrong.


The 21-day Program is not only complicated, rigorous and very expensive, it is far longer than 21 days because it requires taking a course to learn how to use the syncrometer which is very difficult to master, as Arthur Doerksen points out. You have to devote at least 6 months of practice to become proficient in its use, according to Arthur Doerksen of the Auto-Zap zapper who also sells syncrometers. I will be providing more references regarding the syncrometer soon, right here.

In my opinion, and from my own personal experience, it is not necessary to follow an expensive and complicated program in the attempt to recover one's health. It was not necessary for me to follow such a program to recover from 2 incurable diseases and it was not necessary in the case of many others I know. I recovered from total paralysis with Multiple Sclerosis (1989) and from near-death with Crohn's disease (1994).

My Recovery Protocol takes a different approach and an affordable one. And I do not profit from any of the products in my protocol because I do not sell any of them -- except for The Ultimate Zapper, the footpads, the universal AC adapter for overseas customers and my e-books. Everything else in my protocol is provided by third parties with whom I have no personal connection, no business connection and no affiliation. Since it is against the law, I do not make any medical claims or guarantees of success regarding any of the suggestions I make in my protocol. I never use the word "cure" and I never use the word "certainty". Nevertheless, I can say that many people have recovered their health by following my suggestions.


In my opinion, it is very clear that The 21-day Dr. Clark Cancer Curing Program makes medical claims and guarantees and that these claims and guarantees are promoted by the Dr. Clark Information Center that publishes this information and by the Dr. Clark Research Association that sells the products that people need to purchase for The 21-day Program: "For the 3-week cancer-curing program ... This flow sheet gives you a path that leads to success with certainty ..." This is information that comes directly from the Dr. Clark Information Center. Does the Dr. Clark Research Association that sells these products disagree? If so, where is their statement to that effect?

Are The 21-day Program and the Dr. Clark Information Center directly linked to David Amrein? They certainly are. They are directly linked to David Amrein's Dr. Clark Research Association order page. Let me preface my observations. First of all, David Amrein's Dr. Clark Research Association and the Dr. Clark Information Center are both located in Switzerland. Is this a coincidence? Is it a coincidence that David Amrein chose to decouple his information pages from his order pages after the 2004 US Federal court judgment by divesting them to an "independent" company that links its information pages directly back to David Amrein's order page? Is it a coincidence that the link to David Amrein's Dr. Clark's Shop is on the left-hand margin of each page on the Dr. Clark Information Center site?

David Amrein says that the Dr. Clark Infomation Center is "independent" but it is crystal clear that the Dr. Clark Information Center has a direct link to David Amrein's site via the Dr. Clark Information Center's margin. Only David Amrein's site is so directly and so visibly linked on the Dr. Clark Information Center site. There are other commercial interests with less visible and less direct links on the Dr. Clark Information Center site but there is only one site that they link to directly on the margin of their site -- that site is David Amrein's site, specifically his Dr. Clark's Shop, his order page. It seems clear that the "divestiture" -- the decoupling -- was an artifice designed to keep the commercial loop firmly in place -- "independent" information about Dr. Clark's products at the Dr. Clark Research Center linked directly to David Amrein's order page -- his "Dr. Clark's Shop" on his "Dr. Clark Research Association" site. Of course they are not really Dr. Clark's products, they are David Amrein's products. The Dr. Clark Research Center acts as a thinly disguised proxy for David Amrein's Dr. Clark Research Association and his Dr. Clark's Shop.

David Amrein says the Dr. Clark Information Center is doing a fine job. I can understand why he might say that. Perhaps all this is merely a happy coincidence. If so, in my opinion it is obviously a very convenient and a very profitable coincidence for David Amrein. But since David Amrein consented to a 2004 Federal court judgment for making false medical claims and fraudulent advertising this is a bit awkward. There could be trouble brewing. I wonder if he has advised the Dr. Clark Information Center not to link their site with his site because of possible legal risk to him as a result of the direct link between their medical claims and his products. Otherwise one might reasonable infer that he is giving his tacit consent to their medical claims -- since he profits directly from them -- which could expose him to litigation -- once again. It might be wise for David Amrein to ask the Dr. Clark Information Center to cut their links with his site.


I have two stories to report about Dr. Clark. One is from here. It tells of a lady who went to Dr. Clark's clinic in Tijuana with a tumor, was finally told by Dr. Clark that she was cured, had a scan done afterward that showed her tumor had grown two and a half times in size, and ended up dying. He daughter who was very bitter wrote the story.

My second story is about Dr. Clark's books. Dr. Clark uses of the word "cure" liberally in her books. This invites close scrutiny. "Cure" is the strongest of claims. It carries a heavy burden of proof. In my opinion, the proof of "cure" offered in Dr. Clark's books does not even come close to meeting scientific standards for proof of cure. Her claim to have over 100 "cures" in The Cure for All Cancers is clearly false. I base my comments on the following observations: the cover of The Cure for All Cancers states that it includes "over 100 Case Histories of Persons Cured". This is clearly untrue. I have read the first 58 case histories only. Frankly, I got a bit tired after #58 but it was a sufficient number for the purposes of my analysis. I invite you to read the case histories yourself. Here are the statistics that I compiled from the information that Dr. Clark provides in those case histories:

cured: 16
worse: 1
dying: 3
died: 4
opted out: 1
started treatment: 4
no change: 4
progress unclear: 2
progress made: 23

Let's see, 16 "cured" out of 58 cases that were all alleged to have been "cured" according to the claim made on the cover of the book. After I reviewed those 58 case histories carefully I had no choice but to reach the conclusion that the cover of the book is misleading. Anyone knowing this must, at the very least, be wary about the content and the import of the case histories, in my opinion. In addition, many of the histories that Dr. Clark offers are difficult to decipher. They are presented inconsistently, in unscientific terms, with information that is often vague, and with Dr. Clark's personal comments and speculation interspersed in the text. All of these factors add up to an unclear picture of the details of what really happened in many of the cases she describes. In short, I was not as impressed with Dr. Clark's "cures" as some other zapper makers have been and who have made positive comments about them. In my opinion, it is obvious that bringing testimonials to a higher standard in order to lend credibility to them will require a much more rigorous methodology than Dr. Clark uses. It would probably require millions of dollars and many years of rigorous research with clearly-defined standards before this is could ever be accomplished.

The testimonials on this site are presented as anecdotal evidence and nothing more. If anyone concludes that any testimonial on this site contains information they would like to experiment with then this is done by each individual on an experimental basis through their own choice. Not because any claim is made or implied for any of the testimonials.


I believe in hope. I lived on pure hope for many years, struggling to recover from Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn's disease. But I do not believe in giving people false hope. And I believe that making money by doing so is immoral. As far as I am aware David Amrein never had to struggle to recover from 2 incurable diseases, let alone 1 incurable disease, as I did. So, in my opinion, it is easy for him to allow others to act as a proxy for him. It is easy for him to allow others to make the claims of "cure" that he is no longer supposed to be making -- since the court order that he agreed to regarding false medical claims and fraudulent advertising in 2004. It is easy for him to allow the Dr. Clark Information Center to point people directly to his order page. I believe he is still making unsubstantiated medical claims -- contrary to the terms of 2004 Final Court Judgment -- by allowing the Dr. Clark Information Center to act as a proxy for him and by not renouncing their role as a proxy.

It is clear that the Dr. Clark Information Center are making medical claims and that they are directing people to David Amrein's Dr. Clark's Shop on his Dr. Clark Research Association site. Ergo, in my opinion, the same medical claims referred to in the 2004 Federal court order are still being made by David Amrein for financial gain because he allows the link on the Dr. Clark Information Center to remain in place -- while speaking highly of their "independent" work in an attempt to create the illusion of distance between them. He has neither criticized nor renounced their link to his order page. In my opinion, it is obvious David Amrein is in collusion with the Dr. Clark Information Center and it is obvious that the motive is commercial gain. Otherwise, what I have alluded to in my discussion, above, is just a happy coincidence for David Amrein, which I do not believe for one second.

The Dr. Clark Information Center site that is directly linked to David Amrein's Dr. Clark Research Association site uses the words "cure" and "certainty". Those words are nowhere to be found on my site nor are they implied by me. If David Amrein takes the time to read the Disclaimer & Privacy Page on this site he will learn that I make no medical claims whatsoever for The Ultimate Zapper or for any of the information on my site. It is clearly against the law to do so. I believe it is clearly against the law to talk about "cure" and "certainty" unless those claims are backed by scientific proof.

My message and the bottom line: Dr. Clark has a Ph.D. in physiology. She is not a medical doctor and her methodology as a researcher is seriously flawed, in my opinion, as I explain above. David Amrein has an MBA and a naturopathic degree. The MBA came first. The letter B stands for business. He says on his c.v. that his work experience is mostly in marketing. In my opinion, David Amrein is first and foremost a marketer, a businessman. He makes medical claims for his products based on Dr. Clark's research and uses Dr. Clark's name for commercial gain. I have an ordinary B.A. That stands for Bachelor of Arts. I refer to a few details of Dr. Clark's research but I do not use her name for commercial gain. And I make no medical claims whatsoever on my site and when I communicate with people by telephone or email.

In my opinion none of us has a moral right to play with people's lives, to claim we have "cures" when we don't have any and to promise people the moon. The word "cure" is a very big 4-letter word. It should be used with extreme caution. I believe that zapping can be a wonderful thing for many people on an experimental basis. But to make categorical claims and to develop this zapper thing into an industry where prospective customers are told that hundreds of products and thousands of dollars are necessary for them to rehabilitate their health with "certainty" -- and then to disclaim it all in the end -- is playing God and playing with people's lives. As I said earlier, this is clearly an exercise in deceptive marketing.

David Amrein says I have "bad business ethics". He agreed to a US Federal court order in 2004 related to the false medical claims he was making for his products and for fraudulent advertising. He recently emailed me warning that I make sure the facts on my site are true -- which I consider a tad ironic given his history of false claims and fraudulent advertising. He has sent me an ultimatum to "clean up" my site by July 8, 2009 -- or else. Because of David Amrein's belligerence, maliciousness and continuous threats I will be informing visitors to my site about ongoing events on this page but I will no longer correspond with him. I already mentioned that I think it is very unwise for people in glass houses to throw stones. I believe it is crystal clear that David Amrein lives in a big glass house.


Click here.


The Harmonic Quad is called a multiple frequency zapper by its maker, James Overman. But purchasers of the Quad face the same problems as those who buy any digital zapper including the Dr. Clark Research Association Super Deluxe "zapper", above, because the Quad is really a digital frequency generator, not a zapper. And The Charts show the Quad has only 4 of 12 features that make zappers effective, for twice the price of The Ultimate Zapper. The Quad site has 2 testimonials that testify to its effectiveness. My site has 368 testimonials.


James Overman's headline says the Quad "kills most invaders in less than 3 minutes" but the details say: "muscle test for the required time or zap for 30 minutes". Muscle test? How many people know how to do accurate muscle testing? The result is that most customers who buy the Quad have to zap 4 times longer than with The Ultimate Zapper because it has 4 different frequencies. However there is no proof anywhere, on any zapper site, including the Quad site, that you will get better results if you zap at 2 or 4 or more frequencies separately than if you zap at 1 low frequency only. Many people who zap with The Ultimate Zapper for only 1 to 3 minutes get truly amazing results within 24 hours. The Ultimate Zapper features the 1 low frequency of 2,500 Hertz. However, guaranteeing everyone will obtain such fast results is not only impossible it is also irresponsible, as well as illegal. Everyone is different. Besides making the misleading statements about the Quad producing harmonics and killing just about everything in sight in 3 minutes, the Quad site makes many categorical health claims without any supporting proof or testimonials whatsoever.


James Overman claims that the Quad's 4 frequencies "work together to form thousands of harmonics that cover the whole frequency range of the targeted parasitic organisms." But, according to James Overman's friend, Dr. Howard May, the Quad "is not a true harmonic generator ... it is a digital multiple frequency generator ... and digital equipment does not produce any harmonics." In fact, there is no proof at all on the Quad site that it produces any harmonics whatsoever. This is an unsubstantiated marketing claim made by James Overman. Dr. Loyd confirmed The Ultimate Zapper's superior harmonics when he did independent testing in 2007.

It is also interesting to note that there is no photo of the Quad's "composite" wave on James Overman's site and no list of the Quad's specifications, although he touts the Quad highly. The fact is that the Quad offers only 4 of the 12 features that The Ultimate Zapper offers as The Charts clearly show.


James Overman claims he has "identified & eliminated the parasites in over 17,000 people in the last 7 years". This defies credibility because my calculator shows that means working with 7 new people every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It takes time to test people, to identify parasites, to verify parasite elimination and to communicate with each person during the whole process. Sorry, there are not enough hours in the day to do everything James Overman claims to have done as well as go shopping, eat, sleep and relax a bit. I work 10 to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I have not had a day off in over 8 years. Over the past 22 years I have helped thousands of people, but not 14,000 people, with the help of The Ultimate Zapper and My Recovery Protocol.



Don Croft defies credibility: "... everyone ... who has said they've got extreme sensitivity to all metals against the skin has told us later that they could wear the Terminator without getting any unpleasant skin reactions at all." This defies credibility because a major Terminator distributor says this on his own site : "If your Terminator Zapper starts to sting, itch or zap your skin you MUST move it elsewhere as it can burn through the skin."

I have received many emails from people who have been seriously burned by the Terminator. No wonder Don Croft does not have a trial offer and does not publish warranty information. Many people have reported to me that he does not answer his emails. I discuss Don Croft's misleading claims and deceptive marketing practices on This Page.


The Terminator from Don Croft looks like it has some impressive features but The Charts show it has only 1 of the 12 features that make zappers effective, its single low frequency. Read what 2 practitioners have to say about the Terminator's effectiveness.


"Hi Ken, ... I bought 6 Terminators from Croft and gave them to patients and friends to try. Feedback was "no noticeable results, no improvement, nada nada ..." so I was very disappointed ..." Aloha, Allen and Sharie, Mar. 4, 2007

"Dear Ken, I am interested in your zappers as well as in becoming a distributor ... I would like to start with 3 to begin with. I have used the Croft Terminator zapper with absolutely no benefits at all, and eventually had to return it ... "
Thanks and best wishes, Imran R., May 19, 2007


I received this email from Allison B. on Aug. 10, 2010.


... I found out about zappers viewing David Wolfe videos of Longevity Conference presentations with Don Croft and his wife, so Googled them and found their website. I was ready to purchase one of their Terminators, but Don was not at all forthcoming about his product and this gave me plenty of time to do some further searches to learn about zappers and find your Website ... Croft's Web pages are not at all substantive ... I have to thank Don for being so hesitant to give me any info, otherwise I would have one of his (less effective!?!) Terminator models, instead of the UZnmSE [The Ultimate Zapper New Model SE] ..."

Why is Don Croft not "forthcoming" about his Terminator II? Could it be because of serious burns many customers have reported?


On Aug. 9, 2010 Allison B. emailed Don Croft:

"... While waiting your response(s) I found the Ultimate Zapper webpages, which answered most, if not all, of my questions which I thought were legit to ask ... I'll be ordering one of those. Too bad that we could not have done business!"

On Aug. 11, 2010 Allison B. received this reply from Don Croft:

"No problem -- it's a good zapper. -- Don"


The Ultimate Zapper vs. Beck Electrifier

Educate yourself about Ken Adachi. On his "Educate-Yourself" site Ken Adachi distorts statements on my site and attacks me personally. Let's examine Ken Adachi's diatribe line by line. Once you walk through this with me it will be hard not to come to the same conclusion as many others, that Ken Adachi's so-called "educational site" is produced by a "malicious liar" to promote the sale of his Silver Terminator and a miriad of other products. I will soon be posting more information regarding others who have strongly rebutted Ken Adachi.

The "educational" information Ken Adachi posted on his site in February of 2009 about The Ultimate Zapper and me was in response to a message he allegedly received on his "forum" from a person named "Jack" whose response to Ken Adachi's email never appeared on the "forum". In lieu of "Jack's" response to Ken Adachi's comments, here are my comments.

Ken Adachi:

1. "There are many web sites that sell a single frequency zapping device. The one you got is based on a 2500Hz frequency. It is based on the original design of Dr. Hulda Clark, but Ken Presner (http://zap.intergate.ca/) "improved" it by changing the duty cycle to about 90% (even though he ERRONEOUSLY claims that it's 100%)."

Ken Presner:

a) You will note that he puts the word improved in quotation marks, implying that The Ultimate Zapper is not an enormous improvement over the original Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper. A look at the Comparison Charts on my site show very clearly that not only is The Utlimate Zapper head and shoulders above the Dr. Clark A-6 Zapper it is also head and shoulders above Ken Adachi's Mini Silver Terminator which is a Terminator Imitator and all of the other 23 popular zappers on the market.

b) You will not that he falsely states that the "improved" (in his quotation marks) zapper that I have created was improved by changing the Duty Cycle to about 90%. This is totally false. The 90% Duty Cycle is only one of the features in The Ultimate Zapper's unique 11-feature formula that has "improved" it over the Dr. Clark zapper.

c) You will note the negative and pejorative tone of his posting. Here is a clear lie: "he ERRONEOUSLY claims it's 100%". I claim no such thing. In fact, if you read the front page of my site where I discuss the Duty Cycle I state very clearly that the Duty Cycle is "near 100%" and the oscilloscope views show this clearly. There is no such thing as a 100% Duty Cycle and I nowhere state that The Ultimate Zapper produces a 100% Duty Cycle.

d) What it all boils down to is that Ken Adachi's false statement about The Ultimate Zapper's near 100% Duty Cycle is a red herring designed to distract from the scientific evidence, presented on my site, that clearly shows that a Duty Cycle above 88% produces superior therapeutic results. Combined with the other 10 features in its unique formula this puts The Ultimate Zapper head and shoulders above all the other zappers on the market, including Ken Adachi's own zapper. The Charts show that his Silver Terminator has only 3 of the 11 features that make zappers effective. He offers no warranty at all, only a 30-day trial, and the cheapest model he sells requires a minimum "donation" of $280. I discuss the legal aspects of his "donation" payment system in #8 below.

Ken Adachi:

2. "It is not the "Ultimate Zapper" as Ken Presner claims. There are many things that he says on his web site that are either not true, or are distortions of the truth, or are misleading statements."

Ken Presner:

a) This authoritative statement by Ken Adachi is patently false as I clearly prove on the front page of my site, in the Comparison Charts and as the satisfied users of The Ultimate Zapper corroborate in 250 testimonials in The Archive, with more to come.

b) Ken Adachi states "there are many things he [Ken Presner] says on his web site that are either not true, or are distortions of the truth, or are misleading." So, where are the details to back up these serious accusations? Nowhere to be found. If you make a serious accusations either back them up or shut up. He does neither. He simply slings mud over the fence and runs for cover. My site comprises nearly 20 megabytes. It is the largest zapper website in the world, a work in progress that I have maintained since 1996. I document my site meticulously, especially the statements I make about The Ultimate Zapper for visitors to my site. Ken Adachi is a purveyor of deliberate misinformation. He is a malicious liar. He has a large ax to grind and he is very serious about grinding it. His so-called educational site is a front for selling his own Terminator Imitator zapper "offered" by Don Croft who created the Terminator.

Ken Adachi:

3. "He leaves you with the impression that his zapper will produce the same bio electrification results that Beck achieved to neutralize HIV. That is NOT true.. He even references the Kaali experiments at the Albert Einstein NYC College of Medicine that Bob Beck based his research on! Beck's design is FUNDAMENTALLY different in waveform, frequency, method of application and RESULTS."

Ken Presner:

a) It is absolutely true that The Ultimate Zapper will produce the same bio electrification results that Beck achieved to neutralize HIV. This is proven by many testimonials in the archive under the category BLOOD. It is clear to see The Ultimate Zapper has successfully treated many blood conditions including HIV, malaria and Lyme disease.

b) I reference the Kaali experiments because they were seminal research work. Nowhere do I state or even infer on my site that The Ultimate Zapper achieves its blood electrification results using the same principles as Robert Beck's device. On the contrary, The Ultimate Zapper and the Beck device work on entirely different principles. But they do in fact achieve the same results. Ken Adachi seems to be saying that only the Beck device is capable of producing blood electrification. This is a false claim for which he provides absolutely no proof, except his "negative proof" -- a failed attempt to debunk The Ultimate Zapper's effectiveness for blood electrification. This attempt to debunk has clearly failed because is has been resoundingly refuted by the experience of those wo have used The Ultimate Zapper for blood electrification and have achieved amazing results which are reported word-for-word in the testimonial archive on this site..

Ken Adachi:

4. "Many of the things that Ken Presner says may be true, but many things he says are also misleading and some are not accurate at all. Many of his statements are utterly specious and designed to make you believe that his zapper is the Be All and End All of zappers. He's a hype-ster of the First Magnitude."

Ken Presner:

After calling me a liar Ken Adachi then gives me credit for telling the truth but, in typical fashion, refuses to provide any details or specifics. So, the reader is left to imagine what I am telling the truth about, according to the authoritative Ken Adachi, and what exactly are those alleged "distortions", those statements that are "not true", those statements that are "not accurate", those statements that are "specious", those "misleading statements" and those statements "designed to make you believe that his zapper is the Be All and End All of zappers". Ken Adachi tops it all off by stating that I am a "hype-ster of the First Magnitude". Well, let me say this about Ken Adachi. He has the courage to sling mud at many people on his website, including me, and then runs for cover like the coward that he is without providing any details, any proof or any evidence whatsoever for the preposterous accusations that are obviously self-serving. As I pointed out, above, his so-called educational site is a front for selling his own Terminator Imitator zapper "offered" by Don Croft who created the Terminator. Ken Adachi is a malicious liar. But he is not the only zapper maker who lies about The Ultimate Zapper. David Etheredge of ParaZapper, Arthur Doerksen or Auto-Zap and David Amrein of Dr. Clark Research Association (not affiliated with Dr. Hulda Clark) all have published lies about The Ultimate Zapper. I discuss all of these issues in detail on my site on the Competition 1 and Competition 2 pages as well as this page.

Ken Adachi:

5. "Presner's claims of success are based on Hulda Clark's pioneering research, not his. He seems to want to take far more credit than he deserves. He's mainly interested in MARKETING and selling his zapper. He's OVERSTATING and hype-ing the capabilities of that zapper to the nth degree."

Ken Presner:

a) These are not claims of success. They are reports of success by users of The Ultimate Zapper. I do not hype these reports. On the contrary, I am overwhelmed and amazed by so many of them and, as a consequence, I tend to understate them, wary of the fact that unscrupulous competitors might take the opportunity of criticizing these reported results. Which they do. But in so doing they are actually criticizing my customers as well as me. In fact, David Etheredge of ParaZapper has stated that I made up the 250 testimonials on my site. When I replied with outrage on Curezone to his preposterous statements he began to backtrack. Typical of cowards, when you stand up to them with the facts and do not back down they cower away, tail between their legs. Ken Adachi is not only a malicious liar he is also a consummate coward.

b) I take credit for inventing The Ultimate Zapper, which is correct. Otherwise, who else should take credit for it? I am very glad when people get good results with it. I feel happy to do good work that helps people. One of the first things I state on my site it that I was "inspired by Dr. Hulda Clark" and there is a direct link to the Dr. Clark Page on my site where I pay tribute to her. Where do I say on my site, as Ken Adachi states, that The Ultimate Zapper is not based on the original Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper? Nowhere do I state this on my site and nowhere do I even imply this on my site. This is a lie created by Ken Adachi. How much credit do I deserve? Is seems that Ken Adachi has figured out that I "seem to want to take far more credit" than I deserve, which implies that I do deserve some credit, according to Mr. Adachi. He first creates a completely false issue then takes the opportunity to exploit it to his advantage. A typical tactic of a complete coward.

c) Next, he purports to know what I am "mainly interested in". Which is nothing good, of course. According to Ken Adachi I am mainly interested in, "MARKETING". Who is not interested in marketing who has a product to sell? Is marketing a crime? It sounds like it when you read Ken Adachi's authoritative "educational" site. My site comprises nearly 20 megabytes with over 30 pages (many of which run to over 200 book pages) devoted exclusively to health-related matters. It seems that Ken Adachis is implying that I should have an "educational" website like he has and pretend I am not using my site to sell my zapper, like he does with his Mini Silver Terminator, the Terminator Imitator. On my site I market (OK, I have admitted it) The Ultimate Zapper, footpads, a universal AC adapter for overseas orders, 3 e-books and one e-booklet. Ken Adachi's "improved" Terminator is a 3-feature zapper that costs over $100 more than The Ultimate Zapper. He markets his zapper and dozens of "packages" and add-ons on his site, many of which run into the hundreds of dollars for a single item. Ken Adachi wants us to believe that he is not "interested in" marketing, it is Ken Presner who has acquired this awful "interest". After looking at the matter, who does it appear is more "interested in" marketing, Ken Presner or Ken Adachi? You be the judge.

d) Ken Adachi states "He's OVERSTATING and hype-ing the capabilities of that zapper [The Ultimate Zapper] to the nth degree. " Well, I think I pretty well covered this one above.

Ken Adachi:

6. The Ultimate Zapper will do what a positive offset, 90% duty cycle, pulsing DC square wave will do running at 2500Hz, but it CAN'T reproduce the same results as the Beck electrifier because it's FUNDAMENTALLY different and not the same design at all.

Ken Presner:

Now, what the heck does that mean? "... will do ... what [it] will do ..."? This is mumbo-jumbo talk. Of course, The Ultimate Zapper does what it does. But Ken Adachi doesn't like what it does -- electrify the blood. As I discussed, above, The Ultimate Zapper produces the same effects as the Beck device using a different principle. The Ultimate Zapper does what Ken Adachi authoritatively insists that it CAN'T do -- produce the same results as the Beck electrifier. By the way, did you notice how he loves to use CAPITAL LETTERS? He does the SAME THING in his emails to me which are posted here.

Ken Adachi:

7. Beck's positive clinical trial results (involving THOUSANDS of people WITH AIDS) were based on using the BECK ELECTRIFIER and NOT based on Ken Presner's adulterated version of a Clark zapper that he decided to hype as the "Ultimate Zapper."

Ken Presner:

This is a totally illogical statement. Did I state the Beck clinical trials were based on The Ultimate Zapper's formula? Did I question their validity? Who said that the clinical trial results were based on my "adulterated version" [not improved but "adulterated", please note the pejorative language Ken Adachi uses] of "a Clark zapper"? Not me? Nowhere do I say or imply this. Ken Adachi made this statement. This is another paper tiger created by him which gives him the opportunity to lampoon The Ultimate Zapper, once again. The coward. There have been no clinical trials in support of the Blood Electrification effect of The Ultimate Zapper. I never state or imply that anywhere on my site. The evidence in support of this effect is empirical and I state this very clearly on my site. Empircal evidence fo the Blood Electrifcation effect does not make it any less valid. It proves the Blood Electrification properties of The Ultimate Zapper incontrovertibly. It is my customers who are verifying this. Is Ken Adachi calling my customers liars as David Etheredge did by denying the very truthfulness of their testimonials?

Ken Adachi:

8. Caveat emptor.

Ken Presner:

a) Caveat emptor, indeed. Yes, the buyer should be well aware Ken Adachi maintains a false "educational" site that he uses to denigrate others in order to "educate" his readers while encouraging them to purchase his products. Educate yourself about Ken Adachi. At the core of Ken Adachi's "Educate-Yourself" site is conflict of interest. No, Ken Adachi is not performing a public service as he wants everyone to believe. He creates the impression or being an educator to hide the fact that he is really a salesman.

b) Oh, by the way, before I forget to mention it, a small detail regarding the tax status of Ken Adachi. Ken Adachi pays no income tax on the revenue he receives from the sale of his products. He says on his site that he does not do "commerce". Selling Terminator Imitators is not a commercial enterprise, according to Ken Adachi, because he does not charge for his zappers. This is very nice of him, as well as very convenient. Are his zappers and other products free? Well, not exactly. He demands "minimum donations" for them. Donations are not subject to income tax. This may be to the chagrin of Uncle Sam and many people who visit his site to become "educated" and who who pay income tax on their own earnings, including the money they earned to purchase his Silver Terminator. Ken Adachi's deceptive business practices are typical of the way Ken Adachi runs his website. In the real world this practice is known as tax evasion because the intent is clearly to evade paying taxes using a false "educational" site as a front, not to run a legitmately educational non-profit enterprise. But in Ken Adachi's world tax evasion is business, as usual. Or should I say non-business as usual. Caveat emptor, indeed.

c) Ken Adachi's site, as has been noted by others, is comprised of pages taken from other websites to create the impression of an "educational" site. The only pages that are not plagiarized from others are those disinformation pages where he attacks others, including me, and the pages that market his zapper. Caveat emptor, indeed.

d) I sent Ken Adachi this message on the contact form on his site on March 17, 2009:

Dear Ken,

You can read my reply at


You are as insulting and as negative as you wish to be about those you talk about on your site but your "forum" instructions specify that "Insulting or negative email is not welcome." I find it very interesting that you do not abide by the same rules that you demand others abide by on your so-called forum. I think you should look up the definition of the word hypocrite.

Ken Presner     http://zap.intergate.ca


Click here to read the complete exchange of emails with Ken Adachi including additional relevant comments.

Read about my step-by-step program for detoxification and revitalizing the immune system in My Recovery Protocol.


One of the pillars of David Wolfe's career is telling people how to live to 100 or more. But since he is only 40 his advice is not based on personal experience. I find it amazing that so many people should be listening so intently to a young man about how to live to be 150. They should be looking for people in their 90s and 100s for that kind of advice in my opinion. I take the example of my mother who lived to nearly 98. It's all well and good to talk about supplements and super foods. I take vitamins. But no one has been able to reverse God's plan. Not even David Wolfe.

Nevertheless, he dangles the cherished prize in front of eager audiences. For David Wolfe, living to 100 is apparently not enough ... "And in case you missed it ... Dr. Dave Waynorowski on how to live to 150 ..." I love being lectured by a doctor who is 50 years old about how to live to 150. But wait, 150 is not good enough, either. David Wolfe sells the idea of "How to activate your immortality gene." Living forever is now within the eager grasp of everyone. If you believe everything David Wolfe says ... I have a bridge ... I feel it is absurd when someone 40 or 50 holds out the promise of living to 150 -- and even the promise of living forever. I mean, even the odds of living to 100 are not that high no matter what we do. You must have noticed that life has a way of catching up with us all. God has a plan. But for those with tour dates and things to sell, never mind about God's plan. It's full steam ahead.

Longevity is not a hard sell

I find it odd that David Wolfe does not mention spiritual matters except to say that it's up to others to talk about spiritual things. Not surprisingly, he focuses on his to-do list -- a list as long as your arm. It's hard to sell spirit. It's not so hard to sell bottles containing pills and books that tell you how important it is to take all those pills.

In My Recovery Protocol I focus on overcoming illnesses. I start with spiritual matters because spirit is the most important factor in life -- especially when facing serious illness. There is a to-do list in my book focusing on detoxification and revitalizing the immune system. The things I talk about are mostly things I don't sell. I sell my zapper with footpads and 2 e-books -- that's it. I don't sell conference seats or DVDs or books or vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants and herbs and miracle foods and how to live to a zillion ... I talk about what I know. I talk about real life. Not fantasies. Overcoming illnesses is something I have experience with. I overcame 2 "incurable" diseases -- Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn's disease. It took nearly 7 years to get my life back. I talk from the bitter experience of nearly 7 years of blood, sweat and tears. I was paralyzed and bedridden with MS in 1989 and I was given up for dead with Crohn's disease in 1994.

In my opinion, worrying about living a long life may take years off your life. You may notice that most of the greatest spiritual leaders in the history of the world did not live to be 100. And not one of them reached 150. For me, the quality of your life is more important than how long you live. My best advice -- that of a non-expert in longevity since I am only 64 -- is to think for yourself and follow your heart. Get your priorities straight, live an honest life, enjoy life and keep it simple KISS -- when you can.

For those who are ill, the problem is to get to the root of the matter. The cause of illness and the way to overcome illness are usually linked. If you are poisoned then you have to get rid of the poison -- like I did with dental mercury that was causing Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn's disease. I talk about the steps involved in recovery in My Recovery Protocol.

How Can Someone Who is Only 40
Be an Expert on Longevity?

David Wolfe sells the dream of longevity in his lectures about anti-aging. He talks about anti-oxidants and other health supplements -- and has a table behind him on stage that is full of books, DVDs and various products he sells. But he cannot promise that any of those things will bring long life no matter how good they sound. David Wolfe has no idea of the effects of the products he promotes on the biochemistry of the aging process. The reason I say this is because the aging process is very complex in spite of David Wolfe's efforts to make beating the aging process sound like a rather simple matter. In fact, what David Wolfe is selling is a dream because what he says is totally speculative. Talking up beating the aging process serves his business interests well because it means consuming the products that he sells. But he cannot make any medical claims on the subject of aging that will that stand up to scientific scrutiny. He is preaching to the converted. Looked at in a broad perspective, I think we should take what David Wolfe seriously -- but not too seriously. I am 68 and although I accomplished the difficult task of overcoming 2 "incurable" diseases I don't have the credentials for advising people about longevity and reversing the aging process. I have not lived long enough. But I think Jeanne Calment had the credentials.

Are Those who have Lived a Long Life
Obsessed with Longevity?

Jeanne Louise Calment lived to the age of 122 -- the longest confirmed human lifespan. What were her secrets? Did she attend health conferences, read health books, watch health DVDs and follow a longevity program? Did she take a lot of health supplements? Actually, she was reportedly neither athletic nor fanatical about her health. She ascribed her longevity and relatively youthful appearance for her age to olive oil, which she said she poured on all her food and rubbed onto her skin, as well as a diet of port wine. And she ate about one kilogram of chocolate every week - that's 2.2 pounds. And she smoked two cigarettes a day from age 21 to age 117. There you go. The secrets of longevity from someone who really knew about longevity.

David Wolfe and Jeanne Calment have one thing in common. They both like chocolate. But David Wolfe goes that extra mile. He says "Chocolate is by far the world's greatest food. It is the best food ever." So, you can forget about your organic fruit and veggies folks -- and all those Super Foods. Just stop into your local candy store and load up on chocolate bars. Oh, by the way, David Wolfe also says chocolate is "the #1 weight loss food". This is the best win-win situation I've heard of in a very long time. In fact, it sounds like chocolate may be the secret to unlocking your immortality gene. What a yummy way to live forever.

My mother lived to nearly 98. She took care of herself till she passed away in 2009. She was fiercely independent. She never attended a health conference. She never watched a health DVD or read a health book. She never exercised a day in her life -- she hated the idea of exercise. She snacked her way to her usual 3 am bedtime while watching movies on TV and reading novels. He favorite snacks were peanuts and Kit-Kat bars. She was not a smoker but she did enjoy an occasional glass of red wine and she took 1-a-day style vitamins every morning a a bit of extra vitamin C and magnesium. Her secret to long life was moderation and love.

Everyone Wants to Live to 100

After a 15-year career in business and social services I had a career in the health food business. I believe in taking vitamins, minerals & supplements -- in moderation. I think that a balanced diet is very important. After being vegetarian for 17 years I would not recommend that diet to anyone -- especially those suffering from serious illness, unless there are mitigating circumstances. I like chocolate a lot. But I believe there's a lot more to life than worrying about how long you're going to live. David Wolfe is a health entertainer. He is a popularizer who sells the hope of long life to a captive audience eager to receive his message. After all, selling the dream of a long life is really not a very hard sell. Everyone wants to have a long life. But the fact is we are all here for a relatively short time -- in the universal time frame -- no matter what supplements we take or how many milligrams we take or how much chocolate we eat or how many health health books we read or how many health DVDs we watch or how much effort we put into unlocking the immortality gene, whatever that is.

There are things we can control in life but there are things that are beyond our control. I believe living a relatively long and healthy life is possible. But talking about reversing the aging process is a denial of God's plan. It is an attempt to become greater than God. Eventually, we all have to face the reality of our mortality. We are all on the same bus. Placing so much emphasis on the physical plane -- centering your life around how far you can push the longevity envelope -- is a denial of spirit and universal truth. IMHO, the most important thing about life is the quality of your life, how you live your life and what you do with your life. Not how many years you live. Jesus did not live to be 40.

Zapper Talk

I invented The Ultimate Zapper in 1996. David Wolfe did not develop or invent his Longevity Zapper. His zapper was copied from Terminator by others for him to market. Longevity Zapper is actually a Terminator clone. In fact, if you listen closely to how David Wolfe talks about electronics and zappers in his lectures it is astonishing to see that he actually knows very little about electronics and very little about zappers.

Here are his videos where David Wolfe talks about zappers. He is long on theatrics but short on facts.

He says his zapper produces a "positive charge" of electrons. The truth is actually the opposite. It is parasites and other pathogens that have a positive charge. The zapper introduces negative ions into the body to counteract them. Electrons have a negative charge.

He talks about the wave turning "on and off". A positive offset square wave does not turn on and off. It fluctuates between peak and trough.

He talks about "computer-controlled" Longevity Zapper -- but his zapper has no computer inside. It has a chip inside -- an integrated circuit -- but all zappers have a chip inside.

He talks about the wave of Longevity zapper being the "tightest wave produced in any zapper ever". This is zapper babble -- a marketing phrase made up by him. There is no such thing in electronics as a "tight wave". Continuing to use this marketing term, he says the electronics in his zapper are "too tight". There is no such thing.

He talks about Longevity Zapper's "jolt" -- but all low frequencies give a "jolt". He says "the jolt" proves effectiveness -- but the fact is that "the jolt" does not correlate to effectiveness at all. "The jolt" only correlates to a low frequency. Low frequencies are far below the most effective zapping frequency of 2500Hz. that does not give any "jolt".

He talks about an "up/down wave". This is more zapper babble. There is no such thing in electronic terminology. All waves go up and down. That's what waves do. But there is no such thing as an "up/down wave" in electronic terminology. This is a marketing invention.

David Wolfe does a stand-up comedy-style zapper show that is long on entertainment and marketing but very short on facts. He misrepresents electronics and what zapper technology is all about. Surprisingly, he also shows little understanding of how his own zapper works. Not surprisingly, his zapper was actually made by others for him to market.

What does the name Longevity Zapper
have to do with Longevity?

Nothing. Longevity Zapper is a weak zapper -- like Terminator. David Wolfe tacks the word longevity onto everything he promotes. The word longevity sounds good but there is no proof for an actual connection between lonvevity and his zapper. Longevity Zapper uses 2 low frequencies instead of one low frequency that Terminator uses. In 1996 I made many prototypes with these same low frequencies. They all gave inferior results. They gave a "jolt" -- but I abandoned them in favor of 2500Hz. which is the most effective frequency for killing parasites. The Charts show Terminator and Longevity Zapper don't even come close to The Ultimate Zapper in terms of the features that make zappers effective.

Keep the Burn Cream Handy

The proof that Longevity Zapper is weak is that David Wolfe says it must be worn for many hours -- and also while sleeping -- since it takes hours to give results. Versus 1 minute or a few minutes for The Ultimate Zapper. Terminator recommends zapping for long periods, as well. David Wolfe warns his customers about about "careful use" of Longevity Zapper to prevent burns. Terminator also causes burns. The distributor of Terminator warns about this. The fact is you can't wear Longevity Zapper or Terminator for long periods without getting burnt except by moving them around all the time. But the recommendation is to wear them for long periods of time. So, this is a Catch-22. And since you cannot move them around while you're sleeping many people wake up in the morning with a surprise -- with deep burns from both Terminator and Longevity Zapper. Customers email me about this.


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