According to Arthur Doerksen of AutoZap ...

... who read most of this page before he passed away from cancer in 2016 (his passing is still unannounced on his site) ... this is a scathing review and analysis of the competition. Frankly, I can understand some makers putting their fingers in their ears when the music starts to play. This review exposes the sad, humorous and often absurd goings-on with Terminator, Mini Silver AutoZap, Terminator, ParaZapper, Longevity Zapper, Dr. Clark Research Association, Personally Approved by Dr. Clark and Supreme Zapper.

It's not easy ... facing the music


Some of the comments in this section
were written before Arthur Doerksen passed away.

Arthur Doerksen claims his Zappicator "can neutralize benzene and other toxins magnetically". Sounds good. If he had proof he would offer it. Does he offer any? Not a whisper -- nothing whatsoever. Because the claim is pure fiction. He also claims his "Integrated Wellness System" and 5 minutes of zapping with AutoZap "help boost the immune system to beat cancer".

Sounds good, but sadly untrue. Arthur died of cancer in 2016. Arthur's son, Fraser, has not deemed it important to announce his father passing on their site. Arthur can still be seen on their Home Page smiling, while making cancer claims for AutoZap.

Fiction is stranger than truth

Mark W. Doerksen's Autozap5 uses a plastic in the wrist straps that conducts electricity ... Sadly, the good news stops there ... it looks lousy on a scope [an oscilloscope] and the batteries drop off quickly after 6 sessions ...

I'd rather have a hand assembled analog zapper [The Ultimate Zapper] with no bells and whistles that runs off of an AC adaptor than anything else. I've been using mine since 2015 and have had nothing but good results for myself and my elderly parents. I'm excited ... on the verge of the best 50th birthday present I can imagine! [his purchase of QE2]

Thank you again for sticking to your guns and always pushing beyond the "Clark Rules" and giving the world affordable, top-notch zappers that stand in a league all of their own.
Aug. 22, 2017

The best zapper

Arthur Doerksen's site is called bestzapper.com. It features Arthur smiling while making bold claims for beating cancer with his AutoZap. Sounds good. There's only one problem. As noted above, he died of cancer 3 years ago.

Arthur's son, Fraser Doerksen, now runs the AutoZap site. Not only has he not anounced his father's passing ... as for unanswered phone calls, Fraser says he has been trying to fix his phone ... for the past 3 years. Conveniently, he still takes orders online but he does not provide customer service, does not reply to emails and does not process refunds. Good luck.

The AutoZap Comparison Chart includes The Ultimate Zapper. However, 5 out of 6 of his "features" are not True Features but are Bells & Whistles. For example, his chart says "rugged construction" is a feature -- then says The Ultimate Zapper does not qualify. He forgot to do a fact check ... which shows the opposite. His chart also says The Ultimate Zapper has "no constant output voltage". He forgot to do a fact check ... which shows the opposite. Facts? Who needs the facts when you can make it up.

Take a look at our objective Comparison Charts, based on True Features, not Bells & Whistles or false information. They show exactly why competing zappers are very weak -- including ParaZapper and AutoZap.
Some of my comments in this section were written
before Arthur Doerksen passed away in February 2016.

The Ultimate Zapper is the only zapper whose name is coveted by other makers. If theirs were doing what The Ultimate Zapper does then they would not be looking over the fence. When ParaZapper & AutoZap looked over the fence they realized The Ultimate is light years ahead -- and decided to cross the line.

Following David Etheredge's lead, Arthur Doerksen came up with a great idea to help boost sales of his weak AutoZap. He set about trying to hijack my site by "borrowing" its name -- using a "redirect" to divert people to his site when they searched for mine. He persisted with this for years while publishing disinformation about my site.

Arthur ... trying to get more traffic to his site

I received this email from Jeff S. on Oct. 10, 2017.

I read what you wrote about Arthur and you are right. I bought his AutoZap and this magnetic food thing and neither did anything at all. He promised a refund if they didn't work but would never reply to me when I asked several times. I even used some of my electronic [test] equipment I have here and those things were not putting out anything at all.

It did not surprise me to receive the above message. They offer no proof to back their claims for AutoZap or the Zappicator. There is none. As you can see right here their claims are totally false.

The secret

Never mind. Arthur still greets visitors to his site with a smile, while declaring ... "I don't fear "the C word" any more because I've been through it twice and I finally learned the "secret". Today, I use my AutoZap 5 ... every day to remain healthy and cancer free." Sounds great. Arthur is alive and well thanks to his AutoZap.

The only thing is ... Arthur died of cancer in Feb. 2016. May he rest in peace. His son, Fraser, a programmer who designed the site, now manages it --without mentioning his father's passing -- while still claiming "a Lifetime of Wellness in 5 Minutes". Read more about AutoZap.

Fraser says his father no longer answers calls because their phone has been out ... "Our phone is currently unavailable. We're working to fix it [for over 2 years]. In the meantime please send an email instead for fastest response." Fastest response ... means that emails to Arthur also go unanswered.

I received this email from John S. on Oct 28, 2017.

I emailed the company [AutoZap] that is selling Dr. Clark's devices. As of yet, I haven't had a response. It's been a week. I had to email because their phones don't work.
So ... no phones and they don't return email ...
That doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Waking up the immune system?

When you look closely you will see that things simply don't add up with Arthur's "wellness system". Comparison Charts prove AutoZap is weak. But Arthur claims a "lifetime of wellness in 5 minutes". His proof? Dr. Clark's theory of "waking up your immune system". But she offered no proof. There is no CD4/CD8 testing of Killer T-cells/Suppressor cells before and after zapping -- the definitive immunity test. We are simply being asked to trust Arthur's claims -- with no proof backing them.

Killer T-cells haven't heard of AutoZap's
"Lifetime of Wellness -- in 5 minutes"

Arthur follows Dr. Clark's dictums and has done so for 20 years. He now quotes her immune system theory. He used to quote her old theory about resonance. When she gave up on resonance so did he. But resonance is how pathogens are destroyed, with decades of scientific proof dating to Dr. Royal Rife in the 1930s. Dr. Rife was the great genius of electro-medicine.

Neutralizing toxins?

Arthur says Dr. Clark "found you can neutralize benzene and other toxins magnetically" with the zappicator. A bold claim. What does "neutralizing" toxins mean? And how did Dr. Clark "find" this? She doesn't say. Neither does Arthur. There is no proof at all from Dr. Clark or Arthur -- or anywhere else -- for this claim. The only thing Arthur offers is a quote from Dr. Clark.

A serious claim -- with no proof

Dr. Clark's research was flawed, as her case shows. After making videos showing "How to Use Dr. Clark's Syncrometer to Cure Cancer", and after writing The Cure for All Advanced Cancers, she died of cancer in 2009. Arthur covered up the cause of her death -- until he could no longer attribute it to a "spinal cord injury". He says Dr. Clark "passed the torch" to him. I wonder what torch he means. Arthur himself died of cancer in Feb. 2016.

When you begin to understand all this you may begin to wonder what the AutoZap "wellness system" actually means. There is no scientific proof that a simple magnetic field affects toxins. His zappicator produces a simple magnetic field, not a pulsed magnetic field or oscillating magnetic field where there is supportive research for various issues -- but none at all for neutralizing toxins.

Arthur would surely provide proof if he had it. But he doesn't. He says you need to trust Dr. Clark -- and buy his zapper and his zappicator. By the way, Arthur does not accept zappicator returns. His excuse is that he calls his zappicator a "personal use product". Very convenient.

Results ...

I receive lots of email from AutoZap customers about no results -- never mind "a lifetime of wellness" in 5 minutes. Why not give Arthur a call and ask him to explain things?

Dear Ken,

I had a very negative experience with [Arthur Doerksen over the phone regarding] your long article about his lies. He cannot tell me anything about the super-zappercator that he is trying to peddle and says uses magnetism and also ambiguously infers also uses compression pulses ... the device that he claims there is no free trial period on, saying that it is a personal use item.

I am trying to make an informed choice as to what brand zapper (and xtras) to spend my hard earned cash on yet he has been so dismissively arrogant towards me that I no longer want to have anything more to do with him [or his company] ... He does not like my questions about specifics, particularly of this nature, and has insulted my intelligence several times ... [Arthur] seems to me to be far too dull, disinterested and unintelligent to be an engineer ...

Best regards,
from Ian M.
June 21, 2014

The adapter ...

The Ultimate Zapper was the first zapper in the world to feature an AC adapter. See #18 on my FAQ Page to find out more about why it is totally 100% safe. In fact, other zapper makers followed my lead. The fact is that there has never been a problem with any adapter from any zapper maker in all the years. AC adapters produce safe DC voltage, like all government-approved adapters. Arthur Doerksen and David Etheredge of ParaZapper have been trying to scare people for 25 years -- into buying their weak battery zappers. Discover more about Arthur Doerksen and his AutoZap here.


Ther is a sad footnote to the story of Arthur Doerken & AutoZap. The folowing report is from this site .

I've been following Doerksen for quite a while. I spent the better part of a month at his trial last summer. He was a follower of Porisky's Paradigm scheme who was charged with income tax evasion. As best I can recall he was charged with failing to report over $1,000,000 in income.

I have masses of notes on his hearings that I hadn't yet written up. However, for various reasons, his trial was adjourned on August 26, 2015 (I was there) and scheduled to resume this February, which it did on February 9th, 10th, and 11th.

I couldn't attend those hearings because I was attending Russell Porisky's trial at a different courthouse right across downtown Vancouver from Doerksen's trial. I wrote this on the Porisky discussion;

Doerksen's trial was not concluded in February and it was slated to finish at a time when I could actually attend again, a one day continuation on May 27th. Then Doerksen died. So he doesn't get a write-up however I'm going to post a few of my notes on his trial.

Supreme Zapper


for impersonating a medical doctor

Supreme Zapper is unique in the zapper industry. It is the only zapper couragous enough to "borrow" my text word-for-word in an effort to duplicate my site. This newcomer to the zapper world now takes the #1 spot in the Zapper Review -- #1 for deception and fraud.

Launched in 2018, the Supreme Zapper site, displaying partially fractured English, introduces "Dr. Thomspon" in a white medical gown with ...

... no first name, no M.D. after his name, no stethoscope around his neck, no professional identification whatsoever (no information if he is a G.P. or specialist), no medical qualifications or credentials cited, no certificates on the wall, no hospital affiliations cited, no details about his medical practice and no clinic location ...

... with a company that does not have an address, has no telephone contact number, has no email address and provides no information about where their products are made or shipped from.


Behind the name ...
there is no "Dr. Thomspon"

And when "Dr. Thomspon" appears on his site and in his video it is not in a doctor's office, a hospital, a clinic or any medical setting -- but in front of a plain green screen with no visible identification.

In his video, "Dr. Thomspon" pretends to give zapper treatments. But The Medical System classes zappers as unapproved devices. Doctors know they are prohibited from recommending zappers to patients -- let alone making or selling them.

In such a case, their license to practice medicine could be revoked, and likely would be revoked. License to practice medicine? Who needs a licence when you have a white coat? I wonder ... are there any red flags waving in the breeze by now?


Over here ... I have a red flag

But this small detail did not prevent "Dr. Thomspon" from giving an (unwittingly) comical video performance, in partially fractured English, where he appears as the only "doctor" in the world ...

 ... who refuses to identify himself. He conspicuously avoids a normal introduction like "My name is Dr. [first name] Thomspon from [name of city] ...". He doesn't even state the country where he is located, never mind the city. He introduces himself simply as "Hello there".

Any evidence that would prove his identity or that would identify or locate his company is not only conspicuously absent from his website, but also from the entire Internet. "Thomspon" & Co. are intentionally invisible.

Because "Thomspon" is not a doctor. He has no patients. He is a con artist trying to entice people into believing a pack of lies. His story is a total fabrication -- a scam. Whoever "Dr. Thomspon" really is ... the law will likely catch up with him eventually.

Just like it eventually did with other well-known zapper makers -- including Arthur Doerksen (AutoZap), David Amrein (Dr. Clark Research Association) and David Etheredge (ParaZapper).


You mean ... you're calling me a liar?

In search of the mysterious and elusive "Dr. Thomspon" I sent him a message 2 months ago asking about his identity. I used his website's messaging form with an alias ID and an anonymous reply mailbox -- untraceable to my name or to my site.

I politely asked "Dr. Thomspon" 2 things -- what his first name is and where he is located. He states, "I will reply back within 24 hours." Surprise, surprise. I have not received a reply from our phantom "doctor". He obviously prefers to remain anonymous.

"Thomspon" & Co. invented "The Zapper Doctor in White" to create instant credibilty for Supreme Zapper and a niche in the zapper business -- with "Dr. Thomspon" acting as the front man.

But the whole thing is so ridiculously amateurish. It's obvious that "Thomspon" is an impostor and that his scheme is a fraud.


Proudly practicing medicine ...
without a license

"Thomspon" & Co. have one thing going for themselves -- and that's bad Karma. As people catch onto the "Thomspon" fraud, their credibility vanishes. "Thomspon" is now a wanted man.

The bottom line is ... deception is a bad business model. But, in the meantime, until the law catches up with them, "Thomspon" & Co., located who-knows-where, are shipping orders. Are we surprised?

How did this whole comedy of errors get exposed? Their video gave it all away ... with the famous "Dr. Thomspon" not looking or sounding anything like a doctor. He actually looks and sounds like a neighborhood butcher taking orders from behind the counter ...

thomspon1 butcher

Make that 2 rib-eye steaks
... and a full brisket

 ... wearing a white coat that looks like a doctor's medical gown. "Thomspon" took the idea of "The Zapper Doctor in White" from David Amrein of Dr. Clark Research Association. For years, Mr. Amrein posed in medical white to deceive people into believing ...

... he is a medical practitioner, that his "Research Association" is real and that he is associated with Dr. Clark. The truth is that he is Mr. Amrein. His "Association" is his own private company. And he is not associated with Dr. Clark.

When I made all this public Mr. Amrein was not too thrilled. He sent me threats -- and then tried to get my Internet Service Provider to shut down my site.

amrein 5

Who says I'm not an association?

Never mind. At least Mr. Amrein doesn't call himself "Dr. Amrein". Anyway ... this is all water under the bridge because he ended up fleeing the US for Switzerland many years ago after being convicted of making false medical claims for his zapper products. That's a whole other story.

Come to think of it ... if "Dr. Thomspon" is located in the US or another country with laws governing impersonating a doctor, he may likewise need to have a Plan B packed away in his knapsack -- and an escape plan -- in case his situation hots up. Time will tell.


David Amrein
... posing in medical white

Anyway ... whoever "Thomspon" is in real life, he has put himself in serious legal jeopardy either by practicing medicine without a license or simply by pretending to be a doctor. In either case, he is located between a legal rock and a hard place.

Impersonating a medical doctor is a felony -- a serious criminal offense. And practicing medicine without a license is even more serious. Maybe this is why "Thomspon" offers no details anywhere about his identity or his location.

"Thomspon" & Co. hatched their scheme when they discovered The Ultimate Zapper and imagined a great business opportunity for themselves. After all, if The Ultimate Zapper had made it to the top, then why not their zapper? But they didn't realize that they were stepping into in a very complicated and risky situation.


Hatching the scheme ...
at "Thomspon" & Co.

"Thomspon" & Co. naively figured if they chose a great name, then created an echo of The Ultimate Zapper & added some spice with a Dr. impersonation ... everything would simply fall into place.

So, they took the name Supreme, a synonym for Ultimate. But they were so incompetent they had no idea what to do next. Being careful with the HR budget, it looks like they hired an Electronics 101 student to cobble together Supreme -- and an ESL 101 student to cobble together their site.

Anyway, things were not going great ... until they came up with a winning idea. Scan the zapper horizon for ideas and take whatever appealed to them. After picking the white coat idea from Mr. Amrein ... my site was ripe for the pickings.


It looks like ...
something caught their eye

The facts show they have been extremely successful ... in picking ideas wholesale from my site and plagiarizing my text. I cite many examples here. The list is very long. So I will cover the highlights.

Why is fractured English side-by-side with perfect English on the Supreme site? They copy text from my site and juxtapose it beside their fractured English since they are not native English speakers, are incapable of producing a site with spotless English ...

... and are obviously unwilling to pay others to do a proper job. Plagiarizing is their way out. But what doctor would plagiarize when the inevitable outcome is obvious language-related issues that stand out like a sore thumb?


"Dr. Thomspon" prefers
fractured English ... and plagiarizing

No real doctor would ever consider plagiarizing, especially in such an obvious way, because his/her reputation would quickly go down the drain, if discovered. Total disgrace would follow.

They could be sanctioned by the medical authorities, prosecuted in a court of law and their license to practice medicine revoked. So, what doctor would do such an obviously foolish thing? A fake doctor, of course.

"Dr. Thomspon" asserts that he makes "the most powerful zapper in the world". He has a way with ... my words. He plagiarized this directly from my site -- and conveniently attached it to their logo. No surprise, Zapper Comparison Chart 2 shows that this stolen claim is a total joke.

"I only made a zapper that is far superior any other zapper on the market" -- was taken directly from my site and transformed ... into their typically fractured English.

"Thomspon" is distinguishing himself as "Copycat Thomspon". But in spite of his great copying skills, his zapper is as unimpressive as his comical doctor impersonation. He's such an inept copyist that the result is predictably ... a total disaster.


Copycat "Thomspon" ... doing
what he does best

Speaking of copying ... "Thomspon" says "my testimonials speak for themselves". He must be referring to my 1000 testimonials. Because, he took this quote directly from my site. But I agree that his 29 testimonials speak eloquently ... to his supreme lack of testimonials.

"Thomspon" conspicuously avoids saying that his testimonials are unsolicited. I wonder why he did not steal this text from my site? Perhaps it's because his are actually solicited. In fact, "Thomspon" admits that his testimonials come from "family and friends".


They speak for themselves

All 1000 testimonials in The Archive on this site are guaranteed to be unsolicited. They speak compellingly, not only for themselves but also for the power and effectiveness of The Ultimate Zapper.

Mysteriously, there is not a single detail about the much-touted "Supreme Zapper Technology" anywhere on their site. Come to think of it, there's actually no mystery here. Because there is no such thing as "Supreme Zapper Technology" -- or "Dr. Thomspon". These are marketing slogans used to hook people into their scam.


"Supreme Zapper Technology"
... sure sounds good

Supreme Team's capacity for deceptiveness is awesome. Without skipping a heartbeat,  they boldly insist their famous "Supreme Technology" "has helped many people throughout the world with conditions such as ...".

What follows "such as" ... is a list as long as your arm with claims for 39 medical conditions. ""Such as" ... implies that this is not the complete list.

Lordy lordy. A total of 29 testimonials supporting 39 conditions or more, and the claim of helping people ... throughout the world? They must think we're all stupid.

There are about 200 countries in the world. Supreme says that 29 testimonials covered Planet Earth in 3 years. That's what they call a "phenomenal result". Well, in the real world this is called ... an arithmetically challenged zapper.


Trying to figure it out at ...
Supreme Zapper Headquarters

After doing some number crunching ... their arithmetic adds up to a miniscule result pretending to be supreme. Their annual total of 10 testimonials means Supreme will catch up to The Ultimate Zapper's 1000 ... in exactly 97 years.

Never mind. "Thomspon" & Co. have already solved the problem. All employees are now required to take remedial math. And they have a new ESL copywriter who has shown no problem integrating into Supreme's klepto-culture ...

... magically leapfrogging Supreme to "#1 zapper in the world" -- taking this text directly from my site. To consolidate their #1 spot, the Supreme Team added "Supreme Technology", 29 testimonials & an unlimited supply of amazing text ... plagiarized from my site.


Here comes "Thomspon" ...
the new kid on the zapper block

In spite of all their hard work, the Supreme Dream Team is finding that reaching #1 is a tad more complicated than they anticipated.

To their great dismay, stealing text and ideas from my site did not instantaneously transform Supreme into "the real thing". It seems that something basic has eluded them. Namely ... they got it all backwards. First you create a #1 zapper. Then you write the text.

Since "Thomspon" & Co. obviously don't have an original idea among them, their idea of a great business model is taking ideas and text from others and then praying they will quickly arrive at the destination described in the text they just stole.

It took years for The Ultimate Zapper to become #1 in the zapper world. It is now ranked #1 by all the metrics. We ship to over 70 countries. One thing is for sure. We didn't get there by magically catapulting to the top on the back of text stolen from a competitor.


Here's "Thomspon" ...
ready to catapult to the top

It takes years of hard work to get to the top in any business. This is the reality of my 25 years with The Ultimate Zapper. I have been working at this longer than any other zapper maker.

But the phantom "Dr. Thomspon" & Co. have their own "special" ethic. Unless you haven't guessed ... honesty and self-respect are not their #1 priority.

They're into smoke and mirrors -- whatever it takes to create a winning illusion that will expedite their leap to the top. Lying and deception are right up their alley -- their primary assets.


How about lying and deception
... for starters

But even with that ethic, a degree of commercial success is still possible. After all, some people will fall for anything these days. But fraud means that "Thomspon" & Co. have to be careful. Their Karma -- and the law -- could catch up with them when they're not looking.

Undeterred by such minor details, they kicked off their show ... with a gimme. They took the Duty Cycle directly from The Ultimate Zapper. But that's as far as they got. Their Electronics 101 Team couldn't figure out the frequency or the voltage. They're so incompetent, they're still trying to figure out where square one is.


I think it's ...
over here somewhere

In the end, the best they were able to conjure was a faint echo of The Ultimate Zapper. Never mind. They figured off-the-top-of-their-head was good enough and that people would mistake Supreme for Ultimate. Well ... this resulted in Supreme stumbling head-first into The Zapper Basement.

Zapper Comparison Chart 2 is one of 5 Charts that compare 28 well-known zappers with The 6 Ultimate Zappers. It shows Supreme sitting quietly in The Zapper Basement with all the other incurably weak Ultimate Zapper wannabes.

Playing let's pretend, "Thomspon" says, I only made a zapper that is far superior ...". So superior ... that it outputs a measly 5 volts. 5 volts? You must be kidding. And you only find this out in the small print on their order page. With no picture anywhere of their little adapter. They simply cropped the photo. I wonder why?


Wow ...
a Supreme 5 volts

Here's the skinny on voltage. All zapper makers know Dr. Clark proved that a mininum 9 volts are required for therapeutic results. But the competition suffers from terminal weakness. They dance around the voltage issue because they can't get there.

Supreme (5-volt) Zapper
Basement Sale


Watch your step.
Hold the handrail going down.

They can't get there because ... 9-volt battery zappers discharge to zero and 5-volt adapter zappers are always 4 volts short of 9 volts.

This does not prevent the competition from boasting about long-life 9-volt batteries ... as though magical batteries exist that always stay at 9 volts and refuse to discharge.

And this does not prevent the competition from boasting (in the fine print) about 5-volt batteries that are eternally 4 volts short of the (unspoken) necessary 9 volts.

Supreme Zapper's claim of superiority is not only ridiculous. It is as fraudulent as "Dr. Thomspon's" false identity.


The mighty 5-volt batteries
flexing their muscles

A reminder ... all 6 models of The Ultimate Zapper come with a Free Universal AC Adapter for Worldwide Use -- 12 volts for the 4 Premium Models and 9 volts nominal (10.5 actual) for the 2 Classic Models.

The adapters, providing constant voltage levels, are prominently highlighted on my site (with photos), and the voltage issue is discussed in great detail -- as well as all other specifications.

Amazingly, Supreme only mentions 3 features -- the weak 5-volt adapter (see above), the Duty Cycle (taken directly from The Ultimate Zapper), and the frequency gaffe (see below).

All other features are simply missing. No specifications. No details. Why would a zapper maker want to hide his/her features and specifications? Now, that's a very good question. But before answering, there is one exception here which is ...

... "Thomspon's" frequency gaffe when he states that Supreme's frequency is 528Hz ... but then states it is 741Hz in his video. And then he talks about "natural frequencies".

There's no such thing as "natural frequencies". He made this up off the top of his head. Time to re-enrol in Electronics 101. But wait. What's this? "Thomspon" now says it's ... frequencies -- plural ?? You mean there's actually more than one frequency?


And let's not forget ...
those famous "natural frequencies"

Wow. Now that's what I call supreme frequency flip-flopping. Which is it "Thomspon"? What's that? You say you need time to think it over? No problem. We'll wait to hear back from you.

After fumbling the frequency ball, "Thomspon" avoids the subject of features and specifications ... because he has no idea. If anyone asks him anything technical he says he'll get back to them. Don't hold your breath. I've been waiting 2 months for his first name.

Regarding frequencies, I have prototyped extensively with the 528Hz - 741Hz frequency range and all other low frequencies. They're not worth mentioning. I discuss frequency right here at length -- including further links that amplify my core comments.

Dr. Clark was absolutely right. She showed 2000Hz - 2500Hz is by far the most effective frequency range for zappers. I verified this years ago after extensive prototyping. This has always been the precise frequency range of The 6 Ultimate Zapper models.

And conforming to the The Ultimate Zapper's total transparency, its 12 True Features (with extras added to the 4 Premium Models) are discussed in minute detail here.

The one "feature "Thomspon" & Co. are really proud of is "an LED display". Wow. Imagine that. Bells & Whistles have made it to the top of the Supreme "features" list of ... Fake Features. Well done.


Tooting their LED whistle

But, the most astonishing thing in this whole Supreme saga is that "Dr. Thomspon", an alleged doctor, would not only be selling zappers, but would also be making them and publicizing that his patients are using them ...

... since The Medical System forbids doctors from recommending zappers, let alone making them or selling them ... contravening this regulation would mean revocation of their license to practice medicine -- and legal prosecution.

What doctor would put himself/herself in such a vulnerable legal position? A fake doctor, of course. Before "Thomspon" arrived on the scene no doctor ever invited the AMA to supervise his/her professional suicide over a zapper issue.


Doctors normally think twice ... before
committing professional suicide

But "Thomspon" is not a doctor and is thus not a member of the AMA. So, he has not attracted AMA scrutiny. He is subject to laws related to impersonating a medical doctor and practicing medicine without a license.

"Thomspon" goes the extra mile .. to show off his faux medical knowledge. Doing his "Let's Pretend I am a Dr. of Pathology", he makes strange authoritative statements about disease & parasites, saying they "are the root cause of Lupus and many other diseases with all other issues being secondary to the parasitic infection."

What did he just say? Wow. What real doctor would ever make this categorical and outlandish statement? It is unlikely the AMA would stand idly by if this were a statement from a real doctor.

But, since "Dr. Thomspon" is not a doctor and is not a member of the AMA he can say whatever he likes. Until the law catches up with him for giving medical advice without a license to practice.


"Dr. Thomspon" ... trying to anaesthetize us
with claims and frequency flip-flops

This has not deterred "Thomspon" from claiming "Increase life longevity" with Supreme Zapper -- with a straight face. Of course, he provides no evidence for this linguistically-challenged claim.

Because the claim is obviously unproveable. But it sure sounds good to those who are eager to believe it -- while ignoring the fractured English. I wonder if "Thomspon" invented this claim all by himself?

"Thomspon" doesn't invent. He steals. He was scanning the zapper horizon for ideas and found David Wolfe's zapper site with his famous longevity claim. It sounded so good to "Thomspon" that (true to form) he grabbed it for his site. Way to go, "Thomspon".


"Thomspon" ... making off
with the goods

David Wolfe makes a lot more ridiculous, unproveable claims than this on his own site that is reviewed here. Come to think of it, he and "Thomspon" have a lot in common.

But "Increase life longevity"? "Thomspon" speaks perfect fractured English. Sorry, "Dr." ... but, there is no such thing as "Increase life longevity" in English. Longevity MEANS long life. This is like saying "Increase life long life" ... which is simply linguistic drivel.

By the way, David Wolfe is the King of Longevity on the Internet. He is not even 50 but preaches fervently about how to live to 150. I believe that God has his own plan. So, I'll believe David Wolfe and "Dr. Thomspon" when they get there.


He's focussing on longevity lately

More nonsense ... Supreme starts with 1-minute zapping but no paper towelling to create conductivity and prevent absorption of metal ions. The Ultimate Zapper starts at 10 seconds (5 seconds for sensitive people) -- with conductive/protective paper towelling.

More nonsense ... "Thomspon" ascribes parasites to "high levels of acid in the body". "Thomspon" took this from David Wolfe who took it from Terminator -- all 3 offering no proof.

More nonsense ... "Thomspon" says, "It is not recommended to do traditional harmful herbal and 14-days [he means day] cleanses". He provides no proof whatsoever that these herbal cleanses are harmful ... because there is no such proof. Anywhere.


Parasite killing herbs
... have been used for centuries

"Not recommended"? By anyone but "Thomspon"? This is clearly said to influence people to abandon herbal cleanses in favor of his zapper.

But herbal parasite cleanses go back centuries -- without any harm. I have done many myself, without any problem. And there are many books devoted to the subject of herbal parasite cleanses.

So much for "Thomspon" and his "not recommended" nonsense. Also ... The Ultimate Zapper is the only zapper in the world that produces the Electroporation Effect -- a powerful effect that greatly enhances the therapeutic effects of herbal cleanses as well as all supplements, herbs and medication.


A Microscopic View
of Electroporation Therapy

At the end of his video, "Thomspon" then declares "the result are phenomenal [in his famously fractured English. He means results, plural]. But he then says Supreme has to be used with a hematite bracelet, wormwood detox pads and ginger body detox patches.

Well, "Dr. Thomspon", if Supreme is so supreme then why the need for these herbal extras for "phenomenal result" after talking down herbal cleanses saying they are "not recommended"? "Thomspon", once again, is making it up off the top of his head.

And speaking about making it off off the top of his head, just look at the breathtaking claims he makes -- without a shred of evidence  whatsoever in support:

Supreme Zapper Technology has helped many people throughout the world with conditions such as asthma, aging, allergies, arthritis, autism, anorexia, bloating, cancer, colitis, Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, colds, depression, diarrhea, diabetes, flatulence, fibromyalgia, flu, head aches, HIV/Aids, herpes, itching, joint aches, joint pains, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), lupus, migraines, multiple sclerosis, malaise, psoriasis, PMS, rashes, skin problems, sinusitis, toothache, viral hepatitis warts, and many other health problems.

At least they are consistent. Their fraudulent identity is mirrored by their fraudulent claims created out of thin air. No wonder why they need bracelets and herbal extras -- to make it look like there's something there, when there's not.

Oh, you may note that bracelets, herbal pads and patches are not required with The Ultimate Zapper -- to make it look like there's something there. As thousands of people have discovered, "The result are phenomenal" with The Ultimate Zapper without any extras [fractured English from "Dr. Thomspon" for comic relief].


I wonder ... if M.D. impersonators
are eligible for malpractice insurance?

"Thomspon" punctuates the end of his video with a toothy grin -- like the end of a toothpaste commercial. Frankly, after examining his site carefully and after viewing his video, it is very clear that ...

... Supreme Zapper is an impressive marketing scheme ... with an level of incompetence and duplicity never before impressed upon the zapper world -- starring the amazing "Dr. Thomspon".

Dressed in medical white, doing his classic doctor impersonation, he markets their Supremely weak zapper to those gullible enough to fall for the ploy.

The Supreme story ends with "Thomspon" announcing -- with a straight face -- that Supreme Zapper was "voted #1 zapper in the world". What a momentous & magical event this must have been.

"Dr. Thomspon" didn't even blink when he delivered the news of this Worldwide Zapper Vote. It must have been truly magical. I mean really magical. Because it never happened.


Certified ... by "Dr. Thomspon"

By the way, "Dr. Thomspon", I wonder when this vote took place, who was on the voter's list and if ... the #1 ranked zapper -- The Ultimate Zapper -- was on the ballot?

What a supremely stupid idea -- imagining that people would fall for such a preposterous lie -- a "Worldwide Zapper Vote".

With a consistency that never wavers, the Supreme story begins and ends with duplicity, utter incompetence and take-your-breath-away stupidity. A supreme fraud, indeed.

After all the trouble "Thomspon" & Co. have taken to perpetrate their fraud, they probably figure they will somehow come out of it smelling like roses and their zapper will end up looking fabulous. Well ... if all this looks mildly delusional to you, you're not alone.

Whoever is behind their scheme should be seriously considering a different business model. It is obvious that their current ill-conceived business model does not have a very promising future. To put it mildly.


The ultimate question is ... who created "Dr. Thomspon" and Supreme Zapper. And to what purpose? Well ... I really have no idea who was behind their scheme. It was cooked up by a  group whose identity remains anonymous.

Seeing how closely the Supreme scheme shadows The Ultimate Zapper ... it is clear their plan was to divert attention from The Ultimate Zapper and capitalize on its success. This is reminiscent of another great idea -- AutoZap's famous Traffic Redirect.


Frankly ...
things are not looking too good

Choosing the name Supreme for their zapper -- a synonym for Ultimate -- was obviously no coincidence. The fraudsters foolishly figured they could sneak into the zapper business through the back door via impersonation, theft and other deceptive practices.

They figured they had it made. That they were on easy street. The only problem is ... there is no magical back door to the zapper business. What's more, there is no magical front door to the zapper business, either. They had no idea what they were getting into because ...


Copycat "Thomspon" ...
sneaking in through the back door

... they were up against the #1 ranked zapper with 25 years in the zapper business -- and decades of experience in electronics design, website design, webmastering, computer programming, the health supplement industry, health consultancy and pathology studies.

Not to mention the defining experience of my recovery from two incurable diseases -- documented in my 2 books. Not to mention decades of hard work.

To succeed, "Thomspon" & Co. needed more than an appetite for deceitfulness, a talent for impersonation and a penchant for theft. But they figured these were the magical keys that would unlock the back door to the zapper business for them.

Actually, these "qualities" appeared to hit the nail on the head for "Thomspon" & Co. To optimize things, they threw in 2 clinchers -- utter incompetence and outright stupidity. By now, they were really convinced they had a winning formula. I mean, how dumb can you get?


Hanging overhead ...

Unfortunately, in spite of all their best efforts, things did not work out as originally planned. Or, rather, as originally unplanned. Their multi-facted approach to reaching #1 proved to be an unmitigated disaster. Surprise, surprise.

How could "Thomspon" & Co. possibly have expected a bright present, never mind a bright future, with the business model they chose? Inevitably, they have ended up with a dark cloud hanging over their head -- and with serious legal trouble lurking.

"Thomspon" & Co. have put themselves in a fine mess. If I had their Karma and were in their strange and foreboding situation, I would not be sleeping well at night.


Personally Approved by Dr. Clark

THE ZAPPER PERSONALLY APPROVED BY DR HULDA CLARK ... was never personally approved by Dr. Clark. This newcomer to the zapper world did not even exist when Dr. Clark was alive. Dr. Clark died in 2009. So ... that's quite a claim.

And since their zapper is simply a copy of Dr. Clark's weak A6 battery zapper it has nothing to shout about -- except a false claim.


Steve Coffman has a looong list of claims for Thundervolt & Body Tester. Well ... a customer who did a head-to-head comparison of Thundervolt vs. The Ultimate Zapper got these interesting results:

Pamela S. I purchased the Thundervolt and also bought his Body Tester where you get a reading when you hold hand holds and step on foot pads. [It] shows energetically how you are doing ... I did a test with Thundervolt a couple times and noticed my reading went down! Not up! Then used your Zapper ... guess what, my number went up. So, oddly, this man's invention is showing me to use YOUR zapper!
Feb 17, 2017

Steve Coffman also claims "Our handhold device transmits safe low-voltage pulses ... [that] nullify the threat of pollutants in those attributes by wiping out free radicals." The threat of pollutants in those attributes? Attributes? What attributes? Does anyone have a gobbledygook meter?

How about "nullify pollutants ... by wiping out free radicals"? Wow. Wouldn't that be great? If he had proof he would offer it. Does he offer any? Nope. Not even a whisper. Because it's pseudo-scientific nonsense made up off the top of his head.

No thunder in the forecast.
Just drizzle.

Steve Coffman also claims Thundervolt blocks radio frequency radiation from Smart Meters -- without any radiation shielding. Wow. If this were true it would be a scientific discovery in the Nobel Prize category. I imagine that for something as important as this he would offer proof -- if he had any. Does he offer any proof? Nope. Not a whisper. Why? Because there is none. It's pure fiction. Just check this with an EMF meter and you'll see the truth.

How about Steve Coffman's assertion that "Zapping has been done for 100 years ..."? Well ... he forgot to do a fact check. Dr. Hulda Clark invented the first zapper ... in 1993. Facts? Who needs facts when you can make it up. It's just one thing after another with Thundervolt.

The best zapper

Steve Coffman calls Thundervolt the best zapper. Given its track record (above) it has a long way to go. Here is the basis for his "best zapper" claim.

"First: Dual waveforms; opposing energies crush pathogens" -- without any proof whatsoever. Because there is none. Dr. Clark who invented the first zapper in 1993 showed that zapper technology is based on a single wave form -- a positive offset square wave -- and nothing more.

"Second: Interchangeable & swappable handholds and footpads" that allow 24 swaps. Well ... you can do all the swapping you like with The Ultimate Zapper. But swapping is not a True Feature. It is simply a fine-tuning option.

"Third: Body Tester numerically verifies effectiveness and gain in body power". Verifies effectiveness? Well ... this clearly contradicts the failure of Thundervolt the head-to-head effectiveness comparison with The Ultimate Zapper that is cited above.

Steve Coffman's best zapper claim is clearly a table without legs, based on a long list of unsupported claims that are backed by misleading assertions. And a dribble of 14 testimonials.

The Coin Family

The Coin Family includes Terminator, Mini Silver Terminator & Longevity Zapper. They feature 2 copper coins attached to the front of the zapper box and are thus marketed as convenient zappers.

However, The Charts clearly show they are extremely weak cousins vs. The Ultimate Zapper since they have very few True Features. In fact, their makers unwittingly admit they are weak by requiring users to zap for hours each time (vs. 10 seconds for starters with The Ultimate Zapper). Serious burns are often the result. False explanations are offered up to try to explain away the problem. This creates a serious credibility issue for The Coin Family.


Some of the comments in this section
were written before Don Croft passed away.

Read detailed reports here & here about deep burns caused by Terminator. A certified Terminator seller posts this warning: "If your Terminator Zapper starts to sting, itch or zap your skin you MUST move it elsewhere as it can burn through the skin." How do you move Terminator around when they recommend zapping while sleeping? It is no surprise that many people wake up in the morning with burns.

Don Croft actually warns about burns (in the fine print) but then calls them "unpleasant skin reactions", claiming they are caused by biological acidity, not by Terminator. If this were true he would surely offer proof. Does he offer any proof? Nope. Because there is none.

The truth is that the burns are caused by the coins being in close proximity. The short signal path creates 2 hot spots by focusing the current between the 2 coins while delivering a weak signal to the rest of the body.

The proof is that thousands of people who are acidic zap with The Ultimate Zapper without any burns whatsoever, which shows that Terminator is a flawed design created with convenience in mind, not safety. It is lamentable that Don Croft offers up a false explanation for Terminator burns.


"This picture was taken almost two years ago and the [Terminator] scars
have now faded but I think they will stay somewhat permanently
cause I can still easily see them."

Adding to this credibility issue, Don Croft claims Terminator "helps remove heavy metals". Sounds good. If he had any proof he would offer it. Does he offer any? Not a whisper. Because there is no proof, since zappers do no such thing. Zappers are not chelators, substances designed to remove metals fro the body. The irony is that uncovered copper coin electrodes can actually cause copper toxicity.

On the other hand, although The Ultimate Zapper is not a chelator per se, its Electroporation Effect greatly enhances the effect of chelators. It is the only zapper in the world that creates this powerful therapeutic effect.

Terminator and its clones -- Longevity & Mini Silver Terminator -- recommend wearing their devices for hours. This is am unwitting admission of weakness -- as the Comparison Charts show. The short signal path between coins means a strong effect between the coins and a weak effect through the rest of the body, with further weakening from battery discharge.

They say to wear their devices for long hours -- even overnight. But they also say to move their devices around to avoid serious burns. Well, since that's not possible when you're sleeping many people wake up in the morning and discover they have been burned by their zapper.

To try to excape from this obvious trap, Don Croft [with David Wolfe parroting the line] declare that the burns are not actually caused by their zappers. They are cause by biochemical acidity. They say you need to change your diet to become more alkaline and then you will not risk serious burns with their zappers.

This is total exculpatory nonsense. There are thousands of acidic people who zap with The Ultimate Zapper. But The Ultimate Zapper does not cause burns. So, it obviously is not the acidity factor that is causing the problem with Terminator and Longevity Zapper. It is the short signal path that is causing the burns.

The fact is they made up a phony explanation to try to wiggle out of taking responsibility for their basic design flaw. But there is no way out for them -- except phony explanations -- since coin zappers cannot be altered to become safe devices. The coins will always be dangerously close together.

From the same forum: "The problem with any zapper that uses attached pennies as electrodes is that it tends to burn holes in the users skin, causing permanent scars. Lena, myself and my mother (she fell asleep on it) all have holes burned into our skin and consequently scars from the Terminator."

Don Croft claims Terminator "rids the body of heavy metals". He provides no proof -- because there is none. This is blatantly dishonest because Zappers do not chelate metals. And this applies to all zappers, including The Ultimate Zapper. But The Ultimate Zapper is unique in creating a powerful Electroporation Effect which greatly enhances the effect of chelators. It is the only zapper in the world that is proved to accomplish this amazing effect. See My Recovery Protocol for the details.

Don Croft's claim of detoxifying metals is ironic. The bare coins actually cause copper toxicity -- which suppresses the immune system. Same for Longevity & Mini Silver Terminator. The Ultimate Zapper has no burn or toxicity risk since handholds and footpads are always covered.

Mini Silver Terminator

Everyone should educate themselves about Educate-Yourself. It is run by Ken Adachi. Make that Peter Boudreau. Ken Adachi is his alias. Educate-Yourself looks like an educational site where Boudreau markets the Mini Silver Terminator -- a Terminator clone that comes complete with burn warnings, like all Terminator-style zappers.

But Educate-Yourself is not what it appears. It is actually a disinformation front. Boudreau is a liar-for-hire who has slandered many people, including me. He appears to become heated and emotional on his site. But this is a ploy. He simply shouts IN CAPITALS to ATTRACT ATTENTION.

Peter Boudreau

The truth is ... Peter Boudreau is a paid disinformer who uses an alias to hide his true identity. If he used his real name it would be easy for people to track him down and take legal action. So, to create a false identity, he took the name Ken Adachi from the deceased Canadian poet. His father who helps in his "educational" endeavors also uses the alias of a dead man. It's all in the family.

Hiding behind his false face, Boudreau launched a page on his site in 2010 propagating false information about The Ultimate Zapper while slandering me. It was nice of him to go to the trouble. His page was very informative. He began with name-calling -- labelled me "the ultimate huckster".

He should have given this Educate-Yourself Award to those who have submitted 1000 unsolicited testimonials to The Archive on this site. What they say about The Ultimate Zapper makes my observations sound pale by comparison. This apparently slipped by Boudreau. Ah ... but it's a slippery slope. Once you commit to the first lie there's no going back.

Next up ... Boudreau outdid himself by courageously declared I am "pathological". I actually consider myself fortunate. Since he is not a licenced practitioner he provided this psychiatric diagnosis free of charge. But if I were Mr. Boudreau I would be careful about practicing psychiatry without a licence. He could run into trouble if someone decided to sue him -- or if the government caught on to this illegal activity.

Next up ... Boudreau proceeded to offer up false information about the technical terms on my site. Well ... let's do a little Educate-Yourself thing here for his benefit. In the world of electronics the technical term for zappers is pulse generators. Surprise, surprise ... pulse generators emit pulses. And in the world of electronics, another term for electronic pulse is duty cycle. There you go, Mr. Boudreau. A free lesson. Electronics 101.

The bottom line is that ... Peter Boudreau's Ultimate Zapper page was an exercise in disinformation cloaked in the untouchable word "educate" -- offered up by a liar-for-hire who is actually paid to disinform, libel and slander targeted sites. Does this sound odd? It's not. Paid trolling is all the rage on the Internet these days. Who is Boudreau's paymaster?

COINTELPRO. Peter Boudreau has been linked to COINTELPRO here with his "intention [is] to administer public confusion by deception". He "serves as the main propaganda mill for the COINTELPRO in the "alternative media" arena". Federal whistleblower, Stew Webb, has in fact blown the whistle on Boudreau and his accomplice family. The bottom line is that ... Peter Boudreau has been exposed as a total fraud here.

Welcome to Educate-Yourself
I'm (not the real) Ken Adachi ... how can I help (disinform) you?

If it sounds like Boudreau is in a heap of trouble ... well, he is. He has to keep looking over his shoulder. He does his best to evade pursuers by changing his address frequently. And he only accepts payment via a "special" tax avoidance donation scheme, which could put him in the hands of the IRS if he isn't careful -- if they can find him. But in this case, I imagine his COINTERPRO friends would probably be able to help out. He's in with the right crowd.

So much for Mr. Educate-Yourself Adachi -- selflessly helping the Internet public Educate-Themselves by providing them with invaluable information they will undoubtedly not find anywhere else. This invaluable information is brought to us by ... a loyal and dedicated COINTELPRO disinformation agent.

His lies

I received this email in 2015.

Hello Ken, This man, this "Ken Adachi," has, in retaliation, put up a libelous page about me, because I called him out on his antisemitism and his lies in a private email. The page has all of my contact information and a reading list supposedly recommended by me of antisemitic reading material. I have repeatedly asked him to remove it. To date, he has only removed the photos, only because I complained to his web host, Lunar Pages. If you can suggest a way I might be able to get him to remove this libelous page, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much. Solange S., Aug 28, 2015

Longevity Zapper

David Wolfe is a fantastic health "guru". He's even into infomercials. He has a zillion followers and a loooong list of products that will keep you young pretty much forever -- as long as you keep ordering. I was in the health food business when David Wolfe was a toddler. Super Foods were popular back then. But we didn't call them Super Foods or make fantastic claims.

David Wolfe wanted to enter the zapper market but he knows zip-dee-do about electronics. He came up with the perfect solution: hire someone to create a zapper for him while making it look like he created it himself. Well ... the best they could come up with was a Terminator clone -- with burn warnings -- no free trial -- and no returns accepted.

But knowing zip-dee-do has not prevented David Wolfe from pretending he is an electronics expert -- making it up off the top of his head in front of unaware audiences ... about "tight electronics" and the "up-down wave" and other fictional (and laughable) terms that do not exist in electronics. I note that Don Croft of Terminator collaborated with David Wolfe in making zapper videos but, lamentably, turned a blind eye to the obvious hoax.

To put some icing on the cake David Wolfe claims that his Longevity Zapper zapper is "designed to help the immune system". Sounds great. If he had proof he would offer it. Does he offer any? Nope. Because there is none.

David Wolfe's ... Magic Mushrooms

Never mind ... David Wolfe has stock to move. But what he really enjoys is inventing things off the top of his head. Like in this video where "chocolate lines up planetarily with the sun" & "mushroom spores ... get sling-shottted right off the center of the sun and eventually right across the galaxy".

Pulling the Wool

I know a lot about chocolate and mushrooms. But, after listening to David Wolfe, I must admit I don't know as much as I thought. But it kind of feels like someone is trying to pull the wool over my eyes. Know what I mean?

Looks like someone familiar
is trying to pull the wool over our eyes

Never mind. Once we understand how knowledgeable David Wolfe really is we'll be on the right track. He obviously labored long and hard to create his Longevity zapper -- didn't he? Actually ... nope. He knows zip-dee-do about electronics. He had to hire a technician but a Terminator clone was the best he could do. So, no surprise -- Longevity is as weak as Terminator, and has the same burn warnings.

David Wolfe pontificating about zip-dee-do
... how about a big round of applause

Electronics 101

Ironically, David Wolfe never mentions that the copper coins on his zapper box produce copper toxicity and that this actually suppresses the immune system. But he does warn about burns from the coins -- in the fine print where you will need a magnifying glass to be able to read it.

But he knows how to entertain a crowd even when he gets it all wrong. Who needs the facts when you get the laughs -- and the check? David Wolfe needs Electronics 101. Watch as he Fudges It and Wings It in 2 videos.

With a straight face -- off the top of his head -- he says Longevity's wave "is the tightest square wave ever produced by any zapper ever." There is no such thing as a tight wave. Then he declares "The square wave here is too tight. The electronics are too tight". There is no such thing as tight electronics. He talks about an "up-down wave". There is no such thing. He says the wave turns "on and off". No such thing. He says his zapper is "computer-controlled". No such thing.

David Wolfe says his zapper has a "positive charge". Zappers produce negative ions. He talks about a "dispersed" battery. Batteries do not disperse -- they discharge. Well ... he has totally proved he knows zippo about electronics. His audience response shows they have no idea what hit them. He gets away with it since he knows they are as unsavvy as he is.

Never mind. He may need Electronics 101 but you can still buy Longevity with confidence since there is a limited 30-day warranty with no free trial and lots of fine print. Actually, David Wolfe doesn't seem to have much confidence in his outsourced Longevity. This is totally understandable since it is the weakest in the Comparison Charts. So, it should really be no surprise that it has zero testimonials. All for the low price of only $497.

Homer Wolfe actually figured out
the on/off switch

A very unique situation

Never mind. David Wolfe's interest in health is already iconic. Did you know his parents are medical doctors? "Well, I started out as a son of two medical doctors ... I grew up inside a medical doctor's office ... I grew up in a very unique situation because of all those experiences. And that I believe is what oriented me towards natural health."

According to David Wolfe, his background had a profound effect on him. But ... there is no record of his mother being an M.D. His father, Gerald L. Wolfe, who David says is Iranian but is German was an osteopathic doctor (O.D.) convicted of medical insurance fraud totalling $2.7 million after his employee Ms. Sharon Chisholm blew the whistle in 1995. There's more.

His father's license was revoked in 2002 after he murdered Maureen Wolfe (his second wife) in cold blood in 1998 -- 2 bullets to the head in front of her two children. He was held in County Jail in lieu of $3 million bail. He eventually served 12 years in penitentiary. The prosecutor stated "Wolfe's brothers, his ex-wife and his sons from his first marriage [including David Wolfe] cleaned out the couple's home after the shooting."

"A very unique family situation"
oriented David Wolfe towards natural health

To influence how people feel about him, David Wolfe hides the truth about his parents behind a false image of happily practicing M.D.s.


Never mind. The main thing is that he is honest about his own credentials. Regarding his claim of having attended Oxford University, this response comes directly from the Information Compliance Unit of The University of Oxford: "The Degree Referrals Office has been unable to find any record of David Wolfe having undertaken a degree course at the University of Oxford."

Some people may begin to think David Wolfe is just an old-fashioned con artist. Never mind. That's because they haven't looked closely at his anti-aging program.

The first hurdle is 150

Longevity is OK. But the prospect of immortality makes people really sit up and listen. So, David Wolfe is turning Longevity into Immortality by charming us into believing we can live to 150 and perhaps forever via his advice -- and Longevity Warehouse products, of course. Rumor has it that his company will soon be rebranded as Immortality Warehouse.

Anyway ... the first hurdle is 150. The fact that David Wolfe is 47 with 103 years to go is no impediment to him or to those eager to believe him. Let's be realistic. 150 isn't that far off -- is it? After all, once you get to 100 you've only got 50 years to go.

David Wolfe has a great longevity plan -- and marketing scheme. But I hope he's not too upset when he discovers that God has a plan of His own that may put David Wolfe's plan on hold for a while.

I think I know why so many people follow him
... he says he's found a way to cheat death

Dr. Clark Research Association

David Amrein's "Association" is a company -- not an association -- and he is the sole owner. He has no medical credentials but he greets visitors in a white medical gown. And he uses Dr. Clark's name without her consent, as do Terminator, ParaZapper, AutoZap and others.

He calls his shop "Dr. Clark's Shop". Dr. Clark invented the first zapper but she never had a shop and she never sold zappers. She stated, "There are other websites and companies using my name ... or selling products that claim to be approved by me ... I am not affiliated with, and have no control over, any other website or company ... no other website speaks for me ... I do not endorse any manufacturer ... ".

To which can be added ... David Amrein's devices are not zappers at all but are frequency generators. They require the purchcase of complicated and expensive smart keys and program drivers. There is a big difference between frequency generators and zappers, as noted above.

David Amrein not only misleads people into thinking his devices are zappers, he says they are made "according to Dr. Hulda Clark". This is totally false because ... Dr. Clark actually advised people to avoid frequency generators in favor of zappers. How could a device that Dr. Clark advised against using be made according to her? Good question.

Never mind. David Amrein finally got things sorted out -- by agreeing to a Federal Court Judgment related to fraudulent advertising & false medical claims -- and then fled to Switzerland from the US. He threatened to "get to" me when I uncovered the facts -- emailing me "I want to sue you" ... for telling the truth. Of course, he never did. But in frustration, he tried to shut down my site by intimidating my Internet Service Provider.

Scientologist David Amrein greets visitors to his site in a white medical gown -- but has no medical credentials. And his Association is not an Association. It is a company and he is the sole owner. He uses Dr. Clark's name for his site and his products.

In 1993 Dr. Clark invented the A6 zapper which she used for research. She passed away in 2009. David Amrein calls his shop "Dr. Clark's Shop". There's only one problem. Dr. Clark never had a shop. In fact, she never sold zappers. Here is what she stated on her site: "There are other websites and companies using my name ... or selling products that claim to be approved by me ... I am not affiliated with, and have no control over, any other website or company ... no other website speaks for me ... I do not endorse any manufacturer ... ".

Furthermore ... David Amrein's devices are actually frequency generators. They are not zappers at all. His frequency generators require complicated and expensive smart keys and program drivers. He not only misleads people into thinking they are zappers, he says they are made "according to Dr. Hulda Clark. But Dr. Clark never mentioned anything about standards for frequency generators. She actually recommended using zappers instead.

Never mind. David Amrein finally got things sorted out -- by agreeing to a Federal Court Judgment related to fraudulent advertising & false medical claims -- then fled to Switzerland from the US. He threatened to "get to" me when I uncovered the facts -- emailing me "I want to sue you".

But he never has since you cannot sue someone for telling the truth about you. Which did not prevent him from trying to shut down my site by intimidating my Internet Service Provider. Which was actually not very smart for someone who used to boast about his high I.Q on the Internet. I.Q. is important but, frankly, honesty and integrity are higher on my list of personal attributes.

"Who says I'm not an association?"


David Etheredge claims that adding frequencies to the basic Dr. Clark A6 battery zapper improves results. Sounds good. If he had proof he would offer it. Does he offer any? Not a whisper. The proof actually came from ...

Dr. Clark who showed that zapper technology is based on one frequency. She clearly stated that adding extra frequencies accomplishes nothing. Which ParaZapper and other makers choose to ignore ... while invoking Dr. Clark's name. David Etheredge also forgot that he had actually endorsed The Ultimate Zapper earlier as "the best single frequency zapper" -- which ... ooops ... means the best zapper.

Never mind. What about David Etheredge's new ParaZapper models? They are actually complicated, feature-poor, hit-and-miss frequency generators -- truncated Rife frequency generators since they use only a partial list of Rife frequencies. But he calls them Hulda Clark Frequency Generator Zappers and says you can have it both ways. Sounds like a marketing wish. In fact, Dr. Clark proved you can't have it both ways because frequency generators are not zappers. Here's why.

Never mind. But then ... Mr.  Etheredge tried to play down the importance of his endorsement of The Ultimate Zapper (which he is now trying to take back) with an unprovoked campaign against The Ultimate Zapper. He started off by declaring that I must have made up The Archive containing 1000 unsolicited Testimonials ... after he counted his own testimonials and came up with a total of 50. Let's see now ... 15 years ... 50 testimonials. That works out to just over 3 per year.

Never mind. Mr. Etheredge then boldly declared The Ultimate Zapper "is not microprocessor based". But he forgot to do a fact check. He then boldly declared I am "a shade tree mechanic" while declaring that The Ultimate Zapper is "cheaply made". But he forgot to do a fact check -- again. Facts? Who needs the facts when you can make it up.

Never mind, according to David Etheredge, The Ultimate Zapper is such a poor device ... that he wound up trying (unsuccessfully) to clone it and took its name for his new UZ model. Wow. I must be some shade tree mechanic to deserve all this attention. Well ... it's clear that some competitors will say and do anything to get ahead. But why all the diversions and shenanigans?

Because the only thing ParaZapper has been able to show for itself is a mere dribble of testimonials, none certified unsolicited, weak performance in the Relative Strength Charts & Comparison Charts and a widely-read third-party denunciation on CureZone that I would characterize as scathing. And the only thing David Etheredge has to show for himself professionally is ... a set of false credentials. Read more about ParaZapper here.

David Etheredge's Testimonial Nightmare

"definitely the best zapper"

To put some icing on the cake David Etheredge proudly declared ParaZapper is the best zapper. Sounds good. But he actually went one better, calling it "definitely the best". Very impressive. To back it up he went all out by providing the most solid evidence he has -- "The Best Comparison Chart". Sounds great.

There's only one problem. There's only 1 zapper in the chart. In other words, compared to ParaZapper, ParaZapper is definitely the best zapper. When you look over the Comparison Charts on my site -- based on 12 True Features, with ParaZapper head-to-head opposite The Ultimate Zapper and 28 other zappers, it is clear that playing it safe was a very wise move by ParaZapper.

The CureZone affair

After years of posting to CureZone, David Etheredge of ParaZapper was roasted in this post.

Posted by a 3rd party
-- Userx on the CureZone forum right here

Para, attempting to always belittle every other zapper that is even brought up in discussion is a sad statement ... You always say Para is not the average ... I have seen absolutely nothing in the specs. that make it anything more than the average zapper ... there is absolutely nothing innovative about the Para products ...

It annoys me how Para comes on here and attempts to elevate his product above all others and its just sad he [is] so jealous ... Any other maker ... is immediately attacked by Para as being inferior when many ... produce the identical output. There is nothing in the design of the Para that puts it anywhere above the original Clark zapper built in a shoebox! ... ... I don't see anyone else lurking in here trying to push their products ...

Some background. To try to drum up business, David Etheredge has been posting to CureZone for over 10 years, using his commercial name (against forum regulations). No problem. They were glad to turn a blind eye after he made an appropriate donation. He eventually invited me to donate and join in. I had no idea about this and always used my own name. Anyway, I declined and quit the forum. I am not into "pay-for-play" games.


After calling me a "hypster of the first magnitude" David Etheredge lamented that I "call names". But ... I merely state the truth -- that David Etheredge is an incorrigible liar and a pathetic fraud -- as the facts clearly show (below) -- and that whatever I say about The Ultimate Zapper pales in comparison with what 1000 unsolicited testimonials say.

David Etheredge calls me "a shade tree mechanic"
I am now open for business

Counting the days

The Ultimate Zapper is the #1 zapper with the best "Satisfaction Package" -- a 3-month trial + unlimited lifetime warranty. Comparison Charts prove ParaZappers are weak. So, David Etheredge has an appropriate policy: a limited warranty and a punitive trial he says is meant to scare people. I imagine a 60% return penalty after 14 days accomplishes that effectively. He says he examines postmarks and counts days. From his site: "... returned units MUST be postmarked by the 11th day or there may be additional charges of ... 60% for those that exceed 14 days".

Can you make out that postmark?

It's no surprise David Etheredge has received tepid response to his zappers over the years. He has developed a bold idea to face the challenge. Go after the #1 zapper -- The Ultimate Zapper -- whatever it takes. The result is an amazing artifice of smoke and mirrors. Let's take a look.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
Exodus 20:16

Smoke & Mirrors #1
"The Ultimate Zapper is just an ultimate zapper.
I'll try to clone it and take the name for my own."

David Etheredge has been obsessed with The Ultimate Zapper for years. He began calling it his ultimate zapper (in lower case) -- meaning The Ultimate Zapper from Ken Presner. He was implying that anyone can have an ultimate zapper -- even him. So, to prove it, he tried to clone The Ultimate Zapper. He did not succeed but decided to name his clone after The Ultimate Zapper -- calling it the UZ (in upper case). Very original.

Smoke & Mirrors #2
"It's a cheaply made hobby zapper"

David Etheredge says The Ultimate Zapper's point-to-point hard wiring is inferior and that it defines "a cheaply made hobby zapper". PCBs (printed circuit boards) look neat and pretty. Point-to-point hard wiring does not look neat and pretty. But the latter is known by experts to be more reliable and produce a superior signal.

Hard wiring is one of the secrets of The Ultimate Zapper's success -- one of its 12 True Feaetures. Here is the truth about The Ultimate Zapper's build quality. In fact, many high end audio companies use hard wiring exclusively. Hard wiring is how electronics were made before PCBs were invented. Read about the unreliability of printed circuit boards and PCB failures on WikiPedia and this blog.

This is your hobby zapper?

Have a look here at the inside of some "cheaply made" multi-thousand dollar high end audio components with the point-to-point wiring that David Etheredge says is inferior. By the way, he forgot to mention PCBs offer something special for zapper makers like him. They are cheap.

In fact, it costs much more to make The Ultimate Zapper than any zapper with a circuit board. It takes a lot more time to hand solder zappers with point-to-point wiring. The result is a failure rate of zero% and 1000s of happy customers -- and 1 competitor trying to pull the strings of those not familiar with electronics. To try to pull the wool over people's eyes, David Etheredge counts his zapper's circuits to impress people -- an attempt to distract from the fact that it is results, not circuits, that count.

Smoke & Mirrors #3
Chocolate chips?

The Ultimate Zapper's
micro-processor IC (integrated circuit)

David Etheredge declares The Ultimate Zapper is "not micro-processor based". He throws the truth about The Ultimate Zapper out the window by once again trying to mislead people who are not into electronics.

Have a look at the photo, above. What is this IC chip (integrated circuit) doing inside my zapper? If it's not a micro-processor chip then there's only one possibility. It's a chocolate chip. Which makes The Ultimate Zapper the world's first edible zapper.

Smoke & Mirrors #4
"My zapper's got that useless add-on too"

Zapper makers agree that zappers must have a square wave. But square on an oscilloscope does not mean square when the zapper is connected to the body. An unstabilized square wave becomes round on body contact. This creates diminished effectiveness. It is the squareness of the wave that makes the difference. Makers avoid talking about the stabilized wave -- except for David Etheredge who copied The Ultimate Zapper's stabilized wave.

    The Ultimate Zapper                        Unstabilized Zappers

David Etheredge has not succeeded in duplicating my zapper but he has been trying hard. When he copied my stabilized wave, his pretzel logic and ambivalence took over. He was actually saying "I've got that feature, too. But it's just a useless add-on demanded by my customers." Now, who believes he added a useless feature to his zapper for "no good reason" other than his customers were demanding it?

The truth is he does not want people to believe he added a stabilized wave to his zapper because The Ultimate Zapper is more effective thanks to it. Because that would make my zapper look good -- and that's a no-no. So, with calculated ambivalence he denied the effectiveness of the stabilized wave while adding it to his zapper. He "found" a stabilized wave isn't effective but adopted it anyway. How did he "find" this out? He has refused to say -- because he cannot refute the science.

Smoke & Mirrors #5
Dippy waves -- dippy facts

David Etheredge likes to quote Dr. Clark. He states: "this [The Ultimate] zapper does NOT meet Dr. Clark's specification for positive offset ... take it to an electronics shop and have them check it under human load with an oscilloscope. It dips very negative ... " He says Dr. Clark states the negative dip "sustains pathogen life". Sounds serious.

According to David Etheredge, The Ultimate Zapper's wave doesn't kill parasites at all. It makes them grow. The only problem is that 1000 testimonials on this site clearly contradict his assertion that the dippy wave makes results impossible. It is obvious that the dip has no negative effect whatsoever on the effectiveness of The Ultimate Zapper. What's his proof? David Etheredge quotes Dr. Clark as proof. But Dr. Clark offered no proof of her own. And he offers no proof of his own. The fact is that Dr. Clark was wrong about many things. She died in 2009 from cancer -- after writing The Cure for All Cancers.


David Etheredge takes this deception one step further. He shows an oscilloscope photo on his site with the wave dipping, to try to sway opinion -- inferring that this is The Ultimate Zapper's wave. But is this really The Ultimate Zapper wave on the oscilloscope? No, it's not. He actually states in the text that this is ParaZapper's own wave! And he conveniently forgets to mention that every zapper wave has a spike -- and a dip.

David Etheredge also forgets to mention that his zapper's voltage drops way below 9 volts under load (with body contact) and continues to drop to zero as the battery discharges, unlike the constant high voltage of The Ultimate Zapper. David Etheredge likes to quote Dr. Hulda Clark. He forgot to mention she said at least 9 volts is key to optimum results. This is one thing that Dr. Clark got right.

Ironically, David Etheredge's attempt to impugn The Ultimate Zapper with the wave dip story ends with him impugning his own zapper by throwing the truth about waves and voltage out the window. This is not the first time his pretzel logic has twisted itself into a shape that circles back on him.

Smoke & Mirrors #6
Stick with your old model

Makers of "Hulda Clark zappers" use her name without her consent to sell their zappers. The Ultimate Zapper has never been marketed as a Hulda Clark Zapper. Which has not prevented David Etheredge from trying to belittle it -- by saying what? That it is not a Hulda Clark zapper! He says it is not a Hulda Clark zapper because it has extra features -- and that you have to stick with the old "Hulda Clark specifications" to be called a Hulda Clark zapper. That's like sticking with an old TV with poor picture quality because people selling old TV sets say flat screens are no good.

We should stick with the old model

Ironically, sticking with "Hulda Clark specifications" is a guarantee of a weak zapper since her specifications were weak: battery operation, high frequency, 50% Duty Cycle. Many makers are tempted to adopt new features. When they do, they opportunistically keep the name "Hulda Clark zapper" for marketing purposes although they are actually not Hulda Clark zappers anymore, according to Dr Clark's old rules that they conveniently adopt for others to follow.

Ironically, although David Etheredge calls ParaZapper a Hulda Clark zapper, it violates her one frequency at 25,000 Hz. rule. So, his ParaZapper is not a Hulda Clark zapper. Although he does not judge his own zapper by the rules he sets for others he still uses Dr. Clark's name for his zappers.

Smoke & Mirrors #7
"Electroporation? -- that's impossible"

David Etheredge says The Ultimate Zapper cannot produce Electroporation since "the science" says it's impossible. He refuses to acknowledge the Electroporation testimonials or take the Electroporation Challenge. If he did he would quickly change his mind. The Ultimate Zapper has proved "the science" very wrong. But, he will never admit this, of course because "the science" is never wrong -- and The Ultimate Zapper is never right.

Smoke & Mirrors #8
David Etheredge loves to quote CureZone

David Etheredge hopes that publishing negative things about The Ultimate Zapper will make him look good. He was glad to highlight a "report" on CureZone where an Ultimate Zapper customer claimed (this was over 10 years ago) that he never received his zapper or a refund that he demanded.

Here are the facts. The customer signed for his zapper. We have proof of deliver. He was lying on CureZone as part of a ploy to steal his zapper. He successfully stole his Ultimate Zapper -- and also received a full refund. Though this happened years ago David Etheredge has never acknowledged the truth -- and never removed this "report" from his site.

Never mind the truth
Let's talk about something important

Smoke & Mirrors #9
Criminal support -- from a lover of the 1st Amendment

David Etheredge has links on his site leading to fraudulent "reports" about The Ultimate Zapper published on "complaint sites" that are actually run by known criminals. Their business is defamation and extortion. Here's how they work. They state they don't verify the truth of anything they print. They invite fraudulent "reports", copy from other sites and even write their own "reports". They make huge profits from pay-per-click ad revenue -- and from extorting money from the victims they create.


RipOff Report is owned by "consumer advocate" Ed Magedson. He is a convicted felon with a long criminal record. His agent invited me to pay $50,000 to remove a "report" from their site. David Etheredge put links to this "report" in his smear campaign where he morphed this "report" into "reports". And he still keeps these links on his site even after I proved fraud. Very useful.

Here are mug shots of Ed Magedson
-- the felon from RipOff Report who David Etheredge loves to quote

Dead Links

After assuring everyone that these extortionists are "reliable sources", David Etheredge waited to the end of his smear before casually mentioning that some of the links on his site were actually dead. No problem. For him links are links. Dead or alive. However, these "reliable" sites never remove "reports". So what really happened here?


Did you hear about the latest "report"?

The links were dead because of a fraud so obvious a 3-year-old could see it. The site owner who originally posted these fraudulant "reports" to his 2 sites removed them when I proved fraud. But they still remained on "untouchable sites" like RipOff Report that picked them up and copied them. David Etheredge assures us that the "untouchables" are very "reliable sources". They certainly are reliable for his purpose -- defamation. This is not the first criminal link in David Etheredge's history.

ComplaintsBoard was the site that ran the original "report" and was later scavenged by RipOff Report. The former is run out of Latvia, which means it is beyond the long arm of the law. They have a reputation for never removing "reports". But they removed this "report" from both of their sites (their mirror site is Scamfound) when I proved fraud. David Etheredge has never admitted the facts and has never removed a single "report" from his site -- even when the original perpetrators did so!


Ed Magedson of RipOff Report is now (August 2015) on the run -- facing new criminal charges. Here is his criminal record: drug possession, assault and battery, check fraud and default judgment. He says he loves the First Amendment. I'm sure he does. It protects him when he creates reports that lead to lawsuits. This TV report calls him an Internet terrorist. This site calls him a cyber-terrorist. See this expose in the Phoenix New Times. He is Internet mafia in the shakedown business here. Ripoff Report's criminality is exposed on this dedicated blog.

A recent court battle was won against Ripoff by this website dedicated to exposing Ed Magedson's sociopathic business practices including fraud, defamation and extortion. How can Ripoff continue to mock the law? They are enabled by Google that profits from ad revenue generated by Ripoff. And how about David Etheredge in the face of all these facts? He doesn't worry about criminals. He simply tries to figure out how to benefit from their hard work.

Scam Sites

Scamchasers is a scam. Scaminformer is a scam. Scamtracers is a scam. ComplaintsBoard is a scam. Scamfound is its scam mirror site. Merareview is a scam run from India. These scam sites do the dirty work. David Etheredge just quotes them. Read more about him and his friends.

Smoke & Mirrors #10
Criminal support -- from a folk hero

David Etheredge has stated My Recovery Protocol that has helped so many people was too expensive for what it offers -- at $29.95. After 10 years I have raised the price of my book to $39.95.  It includes free follow-up. In 24 years only 1 person has ever made a negative comment about my book -- David Etheredge. The fact that he has not read my book is irrelevant, of course.

But Etheredge proudly proclaims that a book that includes a photo of his zapper is a buy -- at $99.95 --written by Kevin Trudeau -- Mr. Infomercial. Trudeau is a larcenist and convicted felon who became famous for fraudulently promoting his book, entitled Natural Cures, in infomercials. Natural Cures contains not one natural cure. This transgression is only the tip of his criminal iceberg. Trudeau is now serving a 10-year sentence in the Federal Prison Camp Montgomery in Alabama. WikiPedia details Trudeau's criminal activities.

But ... David Etheredge characterizes Trudeau as a folk hero, saving humanity with infomercials on health -- with no substantiation. He forgot to mention that Trudeau spent 2 years in federal prison for credit card fraud prior to his recent 10-year conviction. Etheredge also forgot to mention there is a website mounted by those that Trudeau defrauded. Here is smiling Kevin Trudeau as he leaves a Chicago courthouse after being sentenced by Judge Gettleman. The sentence included a $37 million fine for violating a 2004 court order related to his book. Wow. A true folk hero.

David Etheredge goes to the bottom of the barrel for criminal support to try to legitimize his agenda and help him sell his zappers. He has a habit of seeking out people who are penitentiary-grade to help his cause -- people like Ed Magedson and Kevin Trudeau. Does this tell us something important about David Etheredge? I believe it does.

Smoke & Mirrors #11
The credentials fiasco

There is no finer example of David Etheredge's duplicity and gift for disinformation than his credentials fiasco. Credentials create credibility. In my book, honesty is the most important credential of all. For 10 years David Etheredge used the title "Electrical Engineer" on his site. But the truth came out after his c.v. was made public and he was forced to admit he had been operating under false pretenses. He wanted everyone to believe he was an electrical engineer and was willing to lie about it to get ahead. When he was caught out he was seen tripping over his feet with excuses.

David Etheredge ... after he was caught out

Smoke & Mirrors #12
Highly skilled

David Etheredge was caught with his trousers down when his false credentials were revealed. What was his reponse? In typical fashion, he tried to distract people, as though talking about computer programming skills & working experience makes it all OK. I am a computer programmer and I am the webmaster of this site. I find it ironic that he tries to use his computer "skills" as a diversion when it is obvious they are extremely poor -- with his website looking like an accident scene.

Smoke & Mirrors #13
Building a reputation-- based on disinformation

David Etheredge has spent years chasing The Ultimate Zapper? Why? It's an obsession with him. Instead of developing a top zapper and focusing on ethical marketing to instill confidence in people he tried to clone my zapper and take its name -- while hoping to benefit from fallout from his misinformation & disinformation campaign. Has his situation improved by using these unethical tactics? No, it has not. Has his strategy worked? No, it has not. So, why does he persist? I imagine he thinks he will eventually succeed with this.

2018 update. After 10 years of trying -- it looks like David Etheredge has finally given up trying to copy The Ultimate Zapper and take its name. He has given up all his zapper models in favor of a frequency generator he calls the MY.

An ingenious plan

Members of the CureZone forum were voicing what a lot of people felt -- that David Etheredge was in trouble with his weak Dual, as The Charts show. So, it's no surprise he has spent years on CureZone talking down others while trying to drum up business.

But he made the mistake of unwittingly declaring that The Ultimate "may be the best single frequency zapper" in the world -- which means the best according to Dr. Hulda Clark who invented the original A6 version and defined what zappers are.

So, he had a serious problem. But he managed to solve it. After endorsing The Ultimate Zapper he got to thinking -- and came up with an ingenious plan. He "adopted" its name -- while trying to clone it. Well, the work was not so easy. He became frustrated and with an abrupt sour grapes U-turn I became a "shade tree mechanic" who makes "hobby zappers". He topped it off by declaring I "must have made up" the Testimonial Archive. He just can't seem to make up his mind.

David Etheredge now denies having ever endorsed The Ultimate Zapper -- after making his unequivocal and glowing public declaration -- and after taking its name and trying to copy it. No problem. Ambivalence and U-turns are all in a day's work for David Etheredge.

Then came MY

All 6 models of The Ultimate Zapper are as effective as ever. I have never abandoned a single model. But when David Etheredge finally gave up his quest to copy it he abandoned all of his own models, including his Dual model, previously hyped as superior devices.

He says he found the real thing with his MY model -- which he admits is not a zapper at all but a Rife Frequency Generator. It is actually a poor cousin of Rife because of its truncated frequency list. Never mind.

But I am wondering ... if his Dual model and his other models were as great as he proclaimed, then why has he abandoned them? He doesn't explain why yesterday's supposedly remarkable devices suddenly became duds and why Frequency Generators are now the cat's meow.

Well ... David Etheredge just did another U-turn, declaring that Dr. Clark stated you can use Frequency Generators as zappers (which she never said). He doesn't explain why he needs to change MY into a zapper if it is such a great Frequency Generator. It looks like he wants to appeal to those who wish to avoid the whole MY can of worms and all of its complications.

The fact is Dr. Clark advised against using Frequency Generators precisely because they are complex, and hit-and-miss devices. It's obvious she would not have advised against them if they could actually be used as zappers.

But ... you cannot turn a Frequency Generator into a zapper any more than you can turn an apple into an orange. In any case the MY is so feature-poor it would make no difference even if you could.

To improve zapper technology you need a lot more than frequency -- which is where The Ultimate excels. In any case, you need to start by being a zapper which MY Frequency Generator definitely is not, and which The Ultimate Zapper definitely is.

Then came Pinocchio Etheredge

OK I admit it. I politely called David Etheredge a liar after he declared I "must have made up" the Testimonial Archive. But he then declared that I accuse "every other zapper maker" of lying about my site -- trying to sidestep the fact that he himself had just lied. This was ironic since he was accused on CureZone (by a 3rd party) of "... attempting to always belittle every other zapper that is even brought up in discussion".

Never mind. If David Etheredge says it then we have to assume he's telling the truth. But actually ... there are hundreds of makers and I talk about only 150 ... or maybe 50 -- or maybe it's only 37. I have a great idea. Why don't we check the facts by taking head count?

David Etheredge may need to enroll in Math 101. The truth is I talk about exactly 3 makers who do a Pinocchio -- David Etheredge, Peter Boudreau of Mini Silver Terminator and Arthur Doerksen of AutoZap. If Etheredge were only 1 out of 150 it wouldn't look so bad. But he's 1 out of only 3 ... and that doesn't look so good.

Smoke & Mirrors #14
"He made them up"

I'm sure he made up those testimonials

David Etheredge doesn't want people to read the 1000 Testimonials on my site. They make The Ultimate Zapper look too good. So, he declared they are "hype", that I must have made them up and everyone should ignore them. The fact is that each and every one is cut and pasted from unsolicited customer emails. I simply report what my customers say -- word for word.

When you visit the Testimonial Archive you will see that what my customers have to say about The Ultimate Zapper is far more bold than my observations which David Etheredge says make me "a hypster of the first magnitude". In which case, I imagine those submitting testimonials for The Ultimate Zapper should be categorized as hypsters beyond the first magnitude -- including Actress Karen Allen who recovered from Lyme disease with The Ultimate Zapper -- in just 24 hours.

It is not by accident that I overcame two incurable diseases. My recovery happened because the truth prevailed. The Ultimate Zapper's success is also no accident. It happened because the truth about its effectiveness prevailed. This is refected in 1000 testimonials with thousands of satisfied customers in over 60 countries. Their stories come in week after week, year after year -- including miracles -- proving what a superior zapper can do.

Without saying that the testimonials on his site are unsolicited, ParaZapper boldly declared I must have made up The Archive. He then stated ... "While we have hundreds of ParaZapper Testimonials and we will present a few to you here, we feel that testimonials are not a reliable source of information as they are one-sided ..." Wha?? Oh, I get it. He is performing a public service by restricting the number of testimonials he publishes so as not to mislead readers any more than is necessary. But why present any testimonials at all if they are unreliable? Why mislead readers if you feel what you are presenting is unreliable? The bottom line is that he doesn't trust the word of his own customers.

Testimonials are unreliable because they are "one-sided"? Do they need to be certified by a doctor or a government agency? Is someone unreliable if they report they recovered from Lyme or cancer? On this site, and on her own site, actress Karen Allen reports she recovered from Lyme disease in 24 hours after using The Ultimate Zapper. Does she need "another side" before we can believe her? Do I need someone else to tell me I recovered from MS & Crohn's disease or a cold I had last week?

It is clear that ParaZapper doesn't trust the word of his own customers -- and wants it both ways. In effect, he is stating ... "We have hundreds of testimonials but we won't publish them -- sparing you the inconvenience of ignoring them since we won't allow you to see them. So, you can ignore the 1000 testimonials presented on The Ultimate Zapper site since we've stated that all testimonials are unreliable".

How good can a zapper be when it offers few testimonials and the maker goes out of his way to downplay them -- and tries to discredit a competitor in the process? It's clear that ParaZapper's explanation is utter nonsense, concocted to minimize the fact he has few testimonials -- while trying to discredit a competitor who has a truckload. Read about him and others in Zapperland.

David Etheredge's Testimonial Nightmare

The truth of 1000 amazing unsolicited testimonials represents David Etheredge's worst nightmare. Why did he try to clone The Ultimate Zapper while naming his zapper after it? Why does he quote fraudulent "reports" to try to discredit it? Why did he say I made up the testimonials? Why is he obsessed to the point that he even speculates about my sales figures on CureZone!? I believe the answers to these questions are clear.

David Etheredge was surely troubled by the paradox of declaring, on the one hand, that The Ultimate Zapper is a "shoddy and crude zapper" while, on the other hand, declaring it "may be the best single frequency zapper" -- with the further complication that there are obviously thousands of very satisfied users as witnessed by 1000 unsolicited testimonials vs. a mere handful of testimonials for his zappers.

So, undoubtedly after doing a lot of soul searching, he found the perfect solution to "The Testimonial Problem". He bravely declared that I made up the Testimonial Archive. After perpetrating that lie he further denigrated The Ultimate Zapper by calling it a "cheaply made hobby zapper" that uses inferior hard wiring [that is actually superior] instead of neat, green printed circuit boards.

This is our newest model -- the Rinky Dink RD1

Why would David Etheredge try to copy and take the name of a zapper he denounces and whose testimonials he is willing to go so far as to lie about? This makes no sense -- unless The Ultimate Zapper is for real. Which it is, of course. In which case, trying to clone it, take its name and denounce its testimonials makes perfect sense in David Etheredge's distorted world.

I'm sure the plot's around here somewhere

David Etheredge has his work cut out for him. But he lost the plot. The plot is to be honest. If you aren't then people will see through you. He calls The Ultimate Zapper "their ultimate zapper". It is not surprising that his mockery of the The Ultimate Zapper has backfired on him. What goes around comes around. Since I benefit from his lack of ethics I imagine I should thank him. David Etheredge has just one problem with the truth. He is allergic to it. There's a lot more Smoke & Mirrors where this came from about David Etheredge. Read all about it.


Hi Ken,

I was going to buy the ParaZapper. I bought into the fabrications and empty claims conveyed by Mr. Etheredge. I'm really glad I found your site. I felt very confident with the level of authority and experience you presented. Thank you for helping us separate the wheat from the chaff.

Steve E.


... I have always found it interesting that you were always a main target for some of these guys [competitors]. Parazapper in particular. I don't like to call someone names, but I spoke with the man many years ago and in my opinion he is an idiot.

Mark W.

Hi Ken,

Glad I found you. I almost got caught in the ParaZapper trap, but luckily was finally able to see through the BS. I think it was actually the constant bashing of your product that convinced me you must have something good. Can't imagine why anyone would trash talk something so much unless it posed a serious threat to them ...

Barry D.