The Charts show The Ultimate Zapper's Satisfaction Guaranteed package is the best in Zapperland. Take advantage of this 3-Month Trial Offer plus a Lifetime Warranty with no forms to fill. You are automatically enrolled when you receive your order.

A Free Copy
of the The Ultimate Liver Cleanse
Comes with Each Zapper Purchase


Many people are so happy with the results using SE, XEplus and QE1plus that they decide to upgrade. If you would like to upgrade to a stronger zapper within 3 months of purchase please let me know and I will be glad to arrange this for you. Please note that there are no returns or refunds with the upgrade program.


Since 1996 thousands of people in over 60 countries have been very happy with their zapping the results. It is no surprise that fully 99% keep their zapper after the 3-month trial ... while the competition often offers no trial period at all, or a very limited one, at best. I believe the 99% satisfaction rate speaks for itself. There is a 99% chance you will be very satisfied, too!

What can you expect in terms of results? Everyone is different, each condition is different and each person responds differently. As per The Archive with 1000 unsolicited testimonials, some people report results in a matter of hours. For others it takes days. For some it takes weeks. And for some it may take months, especially with long-standing issues or a unique set of circumstances, although some long-standing issues respond surprisingly quickly, as exemplified on the Home Page with actress Karen Allen and Lyme disease.

But while surprises and even miracles happen with The Ultimate Zapper there is no way to predict before you actually zap. When a miracle is not at hand patience is the answer. Which is why the 3-month trial period gives you all the time you need. It also gives your family and friends a chance to try The Ultimate Zapper for an extended period of time.

Regarding all cases, please note that it is illegal for me to make any medical claims. I let 1000 unsolicited testimonials do the talking.


99% of people are so happy with their zapping results that they keep their zapper after the 3-month trial. So, it is likely you will be happy too. But if you wish to return your zapper you may do so within 3 months. No questions asked. All zappers and accessories must be returned in as-new condition with no damage or modifications. Please note that shipping costs and e-books are not refundable.

If you have purchased The Ultimate Zapper from one of my distributors kindly contact them regarding returns and refunds. I do not process returns and refunds for zappers that have been purchased from distributors or from third parties.

In order to process your return you must receive an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization number) and the Return File with the return instructions that include the correct return address. The address on my Home Page is for snail mail only, not for returns. After your zapper is received back I will send you the refund details. Refunds are in US dollars.


If repair or servicing is required for the zapper box or its internal components, parts and labor are free of charge for the life of your zapper.

If you wish your zapper to be tested to make sure it is functioning normally, but no problem is detected, a $20 inspection charge applies. If a problem is detected during inspection then the $20 inspection charge is waived and repair is free of charge.

The following conditions apply to this warranty.

1. If the zapper box is opened for whatever reason, the warranty is voided and there is a charge for parts and labor.

2. If your zapper has sustained an accident or has been abused, there is a charge for parts and labor.

3. Handholds, footpads, wires and connectors are subject to a charge for parts and labor.

4. The AC adapter is not covered by the warranty.

5. Return shipping is not covered by the warranty.