The Ultimate Zapper's powerful electroporation effect can enhance the uptake of potassium iodide or iodine and seaweed products to protect the thyroid gland against radiation poisoning. Seaweed is rich in natural iodine. Zap according to the instructions within an hour either side of taking iodine supplements or eating seaweed. Iodine will be in the "express lane" to the thyroid gland infusing its iodine receptors with natural iodine that prevents radioactive iodine from reaching the thyroid.


Mercury not only poisons the nervous system, digestive tract and circulatory system, it can also poison the glands including the thyroid gland. Here's the story of how I discovered the link between mercury and the thyroid. I lived in eastern Canada for many years. I was very sensitive to the cold and in the winter I always had to wear 2 hats, 2 pairs of gloves and 2 pairs of socks to stay warm. My body temperature was always below normal. I didn't know it at the time but I was suffering from low thyroid activity or hypothyroidism.

After I had my mercury fillings replaced with biocompatible plastic fillings in 1995 I did DMSA chelation for about six months. By the time I had finished the last course of DMSA my body temperature had miraculously returned to normal. This was no accident. I had always wondered why my temperature was only 96.5 to 97.5 degrees Fahrenheit. I did some research to find out why it had miraculously returned to normal.

The Thyroid Gland

The Thyroid Gland

I discovered that there are four iodine binding sites or receptors on the thyroid gland. These receptors bind with the iodine we get from our diet, mostly from iodized salt. The iodine enters the thyroid and activates it. If the thyroid is not absorbing enough iodine it will not be fully activated and the body's temperature will be abnormally low.

Enter dental mercury. I discovered that mercury from dental fillings can migrate to the thyroid gland and can sit on one or more of the thyroid's four iodine receptors blocking iodine from reaching the receptors thereby preventing full activation of the thyroid. Blocked by dental mercury iodine cannot be absorbed in normal amounts by the thyroid gland. The result is low body temperature or hypothyroidism.

To remove mercury from the thyroid one must first find a mercury-free dentist who is an expert at removing mercury fillings safely. If one does not have a biological dentist who knows how to do the work safely one can end up in far worse health after the mercury fillings are removed. I would not go to a mercury dentist for this work. He will not take the proper percautions to protect you during mercury removal. Look at this link for a dentist in your area who will know how to remove mercury safely from your mouth.

After the mercury fillings are removed, but not before, one must find a doctor to help with DMSA chelation, which may take a number of months to complete. DMSA capsules remove mercury from the tissues, including the iodine receptors on the thyroid, and can result in the reversal of hypothyroidism and other illness. The body's temperature can return to normal. Zapping can complete the healing process by killing parasites and fungus that help cause disease by their attraction to mercury.

It would be very bad news for doctors who prescribe thyroid drugs if their patients found all this out, and it would be very bad news for the drug companies that make thyroid drugs. Informed patients are a serious threat to the bottom line. An even more serious threat is the legal liability that would inevitably ensue if patients knew the truth. So the medical profession, in collusion with the drug companies, has been keeping this information in a deep dark file, far from the eyes of their thyroid patients. They know that knowledge is power. In a court of law withholding this information from their patients would considered criminal activity. And they know it. Read more about the criminality of the dental profession and the ADA (the American Dental Association).

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