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I looked like this -- paralyzed with MS in 1989
This photo is from the Minamata mercury disaster in Japan in 1956

I looked like this after Crohn's surgery in 1994
-- with my hospital ID wrist bands

I wrote 230-page My Recovery Protocol after a 7-year life-and-death battle with MS and Crohn's disease caused by mercury poisoning from "silver" fillings that are 50% mercury. Mercury is the world's #2 toxic metal and the #1 neurotoxin.

The Big Dental Mercury Lie

The key to my recovery was breaking the chain of pathology. This entailed detoxifying metals and chemicals parallel with zapping to kill the parasites that are attracted to these toxins. I am living and healthy proof you can even recover from paralysis and near death caused by toxic mercury.

My protocol applies to all conditions with underlying toxicity. It empowers people to make informed choices. My 20 years of research have helped many recovery their health. You won't get this from the medical system.

The system wants you to accept your condition and take drugs. They pour billions into research (allegedly in search of cures) but only end up with profitable palliatives. They profit from illness. The system has never helped a single person recover from MS or Crohn's. I recovered from both -- on my own -- using a different approach.

My approach does not chase symptoms with drugs. It gets to the root of the problem. I recovered by rooting out mercury. This involved much more than removing amalgams. Millions have mercury fillings, but your Dr. will never say "open wide, any mercury in there?" when you show signs of mercury poisoning. They will never mention the M word because the system is running scared of legal liability.

The ADA Lies thru Their Teeth

Incredibly, the FDA grandfathered ADA-patented mercury fillings into the medical system -- without toxicity testing. Their dental division is full of former ADA employees. The Moms Against Mercury 2008 lawsuit against the FDA proved the link between mother's mercury and autism. Moms won, but the FDA reversed that in 2009 -- with the ADA lobbying for mercury. The FDA is now the subject of a 2014 lawsuit by The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology -- with the ADA still lobbying for mercury.

Mercury causes many diseases

Mercury poisoning from "silver" fillings is the most unrecognized cause of disease in the medicine. Mercury leaches into the body 24/7. Studies show dental mercury causes cancer. All cancer cells contain mercury -- proved by internationally recognized medical researcher, Yoshiaki Omura, M.D. But removal of mercury fillings does not detoxify the organs. My book shows how to go about this safely and effectively.

Mercury destroys the bowel as it slowly leaves the body. This has many names: IBS, appendicitis, leaky gut, colitis, Crohn's disease, cancer.

Mercury is the #1 neurotoxin. Mercury poisoning has many names for children: cancer, autism, mental retardation, Muscular Dystrophy, cerebral palsy. It has many names for adults: Lupus, cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, bipolar disorder, ALS.

Mercury poisons glands & organs causing, diabetes Type I and II, heart disease & thyroid disease. Mercury suppresses the immune system causing Lyme, candida, Morgellons.

Book review

Mark W.: ... This does not read like a Hulda Clark book, so no need to worry that you'll be saying "Oh, I already knew all of this." It is excellent and extremely informative ... and is not a sales pitch on the zappers ... Even for a healthy individual this is definitely on the "must read" list ... an extremely informative read. Nov. 29, 2014

I recovered from MS and Crohn's disease by the grace of God after a 7-year life-and-death battle. With no guidance from the medical system I had only my intuition and perseverance to depend on. I wrote My Recovery Protocol to help others make informed choices and avoid what I went through. Its lessons apply equally to many other conditions and diseases caused by a wide variety of toxins and opportunistic pathogens. I hope that my protocol will inspire others to follow my example. This is the companion book to Against All Odds.

An unsolicited review of
My Recovery Protocol

My Recovery Protocol elucidates in 232 pages all the details for the therapies I followed to recovery my health. Step by step. My protocol applies to all conditions where toxins are an underlying issue. It is about what works -- what saved my life. Part 1 is detoxification. Part 2 is revitalization. My book includes sections on detoxifying metals and chemicals, how to revitalize the immune system, and the vital role The Ultimate Zapper played in breaking the chain of pathology by killing pathogens.

What are the odds of recovering from paralysis with MS? What about near-death with Crohn's disease? What about both? Actuarial science puts the odds at zero. By any measure my recovery made medical history. The medical system has no recoveries. It ignores mine -- for obvious reasons.

The lamentable and shocking fact

The medical system calls itself The Health Care System.
The System authorizes dental mercury poisoning
via the ADA, the AMA, the FDA and the EPA.
Then they authorize drug companies to sell drugs
to cover up the symptoms of mercury poisoning.
The drug companies laugh all the way to the bank
collecting billions of dollars in annual profits
-- content to keep up the deception.

The two incurable diseases that nearly killed me were caused by mercury from silver fillings that are 50% mercury. The medical system knows many people have both MS and Crohn's. Running scarfed of legal liability, it opts for self-protection, not the protection of patients. It ignores mercury out of self-preservation -- knowing that it abandons patients by doing so. It calls mercury fillings "silver" fillings. It deliberately refuses to go near the word mercury.

Mercury suppresses the immune system. It correlates with neurological conditions as well as Lyme disease and candida, and intestinal, thyroid & heart disease, and diabetes. See the links on my Home Page. Doctors take pride in diagnosis by ruling out all possible causes -- except mercury -- the #1 toxin on the planet after radioactive plutonium.

Arthur Doerksen of Auto-Zap ignores mercury. He talks about a "wellness system" & 5-minute zap-boost for the immune system. He says don't worry about mercury fillings (the "little things"). Just zap. But mercury suppresses the immune system big time. Eliminating the effects of mercury with his zapper is pure fiction. His "proof" is Dr. Clark's reputation. She wrote The Cure for All Cancers. She died of cancer. And, sadly, Arthur himself passed away from cancer in early 2016.

My recovery was based on detoxification. My immune system was tested throughout my recovery. CD4/CD8 blood tests of killer & suppressor cells show a great improvement over time, thanks to detoxification. I am the only zapper maker with lab testing as proof for immune system recovery. Many zapper makers make claims about the immune system.

Arthur Doerksen of Auto-Zap says his "wellness system" "boosts the immune system" -- but with no proof. David Wolfe of Longevity Zapper -- a Terminator clone made for him by technicians -- never had a disease. He is only 47 but lectures about longevity. He says his zapper is "designed to help the immune system". This is one more claim by a zapper maker with no documentation to back the slogan. No zapper maker except me provides a shred of proof to support their claims about the immune system.

David Etheredge of ParaZapper used to write athoritatively about MS and Crohn's disease. His comments vanished when I scoffed at the nonsense he was trying to pass off as facts. He says My Recovery Protocol is too expensive for what it offers -- $29.95 with a zapper purchase, with free follow-up. He hasn't read my book. Read (below) what people say who have actually read it.

I am not a medical practitioner. It is illegal for me to give medical advice of any kind. I do not do so. But the law allows me to talk about my recovery and express my opinions. You should always consult a doctor for all medical needs and never stop taking medication without their advice.

-- exerpts from my book

So-called silver amalgam fillings contain 50% mercury which means they contain 500,000 parts per million of mercury. The government warns against the consumption of "mercury-laden" fish -- with a fraction of 1 percent per million of mercury. But they never say a word about explosively toxic mercury fillings. If a fish contained 50% mercury you can be sure you would be hearing about it from the government.

There is not one person who has ever recovered from MS under the care of the medical system that is supported by the MS Society ... You wouldn't bet on a loser at the race track, would you? So why would you bet on a proved loser when it comes to your health -- and the horse's name is The Medical System, The MS Sociaty and The MS Clinic? The annual MS running and biking merry-go-round is designed to keep your eye off the ball -- and keep the donations rolling in. The name of the game is to "keep 'em stupid". The ignorance of neurology patients and of the general public is the strength of the neurology industry -- and the whole medical profession. Patient ignorance is the foundation for medical profits.

In the late 1990s, after I had done DMSA chelation and had recovered from MS and Crohn's disease I talked to a neurologist, Dr. John Hooge, in his office in Vancouver. He teaches neurologists to become neurologists. During our 3-hour discussion I presented the evidence of the effectiveness of dental mercury removal ... and he virtually laughed me out of his office when I suggested that every patient with MS be tested for mercury toxicity ... Here is a neurologist who teaches neurologists how to become neurologists and he has absolutely no interest in ruling out dental mercury as the cause of neurological illness. Mercury is the #1 neurotoxin on the planet.

One may think that when the practitioner receives the test results of a provocative or challenge that they will necessarily include levels of mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, tin, nickel, zinc, aluminum, copper and other metals (I was toxic with 8 metals -- mercury was off the top of the charts). And one may think the numbers on the chart will represent the metal levels in the tissues. These conclusions may be false. Understanding the meaning of urine tests can be crucial to successful chelation.

If a patient had a mouth full of mercury fillings that were replaced by plastic composites, and his practitioner says that he is not mercury toxic, then logic dictates that he should ask his practitioner where the mercury went that was depositing itself in the tissues all those years, and why it didn't show up in the urine testing. The answer is that the mercury is still in the tissues, is bonding very strongly with the cells and is not coming out of the tissues, for various reasons, and thus cannot be measured. But it is still there. The patient is mercury toxic although his practitioner may not realize it.

In order to break the chain of pathology caused by metals, chemicals and pathogens three things must be done:

1. Remove the major sources of toxicity from our lives that are causing pathology.
2. Remove the metal and chemical residues from our tissues.
3. Kill the opportunistic parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus, yeast and other pathogens that are attracted to metal and chemical toxins.

I cannot overstress the importance of getting to the root of the problem -- underlying toxicity -- and breaking the chain of pathology, link by link. That is exactly what I did to overcome two so-called incurable diseases.

of My Recovery Protocol

Hi Ken,

Just completed reading your book " My Recovery Protocol". Just want to commend you for the well written and researched information presented. You have written from first hand experience and research. Very few present the facts as there [sic] are. It not only illustrates the difficulties you experienced, but it also guides a person to a step-by-step detoxification process ... amalgam fillings [are] a denied cause of toxicity that the medical fraternity so deliberately ignores as a cause of so many illnesses that you so brilliantly expose. Well done & thanks for allowing us the opportunity to learn from your healing process.

Thanks and regards,
Y. M.

Hello Ken,

My name is Bill P. ... we bought an Ultimate Zapper ... I have been reading your e-books on chelation and your protocol, as my wife has MS. We have tried just about everything in the alternative field and no real results. We believe her symptoms are mercury related and realise unless we can detoxify the mercury, she will not make a full recovery. So we have finally considered chelation. Your books and testimonials have been most helpful. We have had two appointments with a doctor in Sydney who specializes in chelation.

Bill and Sharlette

Hi Ken,

I am reading your books including My Recovery Protocol. They are top reading material. And I have read a lot in the last 20 years.

Nikos M.

Hello Ken,

I'm Giselle H., I just finished reading both My Recovery Protocol (for which I'm absolutely grateful!) and Chelation with DMSA, etc. I've been talking to the staff of various Holistic Dentists, including a Holistic dentist in Mexico. I've never been as sick as you have been, but my list of symptoms has been very extensive and my overall state of being has been chronically miserable ... I am now grateful to you for having shared with all of us ... all the information you have in your e-books. Until I get rid of all of the metal - criminally put in my mouth - I cannot start the many steps I've learned from you that I need to follow to achieve true homeostasis. Thank you so much ...

Giselle H.

This email was sent to me from a customer who received this message from her friend, regarding My Recovery Protocol and his recovery.

Hi Mary,

I was very fortunate to have learned about dental amalgams and the danger of silver fillings which are 50% mercury. The ADA is in bed with the FDA and they refuse to admit that the mercury put into our mouths vaporizes ... and wreaks havoc on the human body. I had testing done in 2004. I had symptoms similar to your husband. I had a biological dentist remove my amalgams after having tests done at Doctors Data in Chicago. I was toxic with many metals but especially mercury. I am now a different person after proper removal and chelation. The brain fog, memory issues, fatigue, depression, heart palpitations, insomnia and many many other symptoms I had lived with most of my life left ...

My angel was Ken Presner ... Google Ken Presner Ultimate Zapper and you will get his site and his story ... and how he healed himself. I would also encourage you to Google dental amalgam dangers ... It may not resonate with you like it did to me but I can only say that the diseases you mention ... a common denominator is metals. My guess is your husband has a high load of heavy metals and his immune system has not been able to keep up with it ... if he has testing done and does have high mercury ... he really needs to get it out and once he does he very possibly could return 100% to his old self. Our mouths are killing us and amalgams are the primary cause of so many mysterious diseases ...

Jeff W.


Hi Ken,

Long time no talk! I hope that you and yours are doing well. The reason I am writing today is to submit a brief review after 9 months with the zapper XE as well as the recovery protocol e-book [My Recovery Protocol] ... You are free to quote and/or use any or all of the below on your site.

Recovery Protocol Review

I do not believe anyone has given a thorough review to Ken's e-book, so I wish to give a brief and unsolicited opinion of the e-book to anyone who has an interest in it, but is of course skeptical about what they are getting.

The book is presented in .pdf format and professionally laid out and very, very readable. Do not let words like "electorporation" scare you off. If you have not understood terms like this from the extensive amount of information on the Ultimate Zapper website, you will after finishing the book. It took me quite some time to work my way through the book, for there are 86 chapters in the 2013 edition which I own, and when I first got the book and began browsing the table of contents, I wanted to read some sections before others. Let me tell you that this works just fine, yet let me also stress that I believe you should read the entire book, front to back and do not omit the early chapters which give some background and history as well as invaluable information that I cannot really go into detail about, for that would be simply telling you what is contained in the book itself. Rest assured, I do not think Mr Presner missed a beat on covering all angles for what is necessary to facilitate a recovery from possibly most anything - with obvious exceptions. I can mention, however, that the book is divided into two main sections - the first of which is dealing with detoxification and the second with revitalization. I might mention at this time that just about everything of importance is referenced, unlike most books of this nature which simply state opinion without any backing. To a reader such as myself, this is critical - and it should be to you as well. You want facts that are backed up, not just the opinion and ideas of someone you do not even know, right?

If anyone has not read it on the website, you may want to know that Mr. Presner nearly lost his life to MS and Crohn's disease and overcame them both by using the methods contained in the book. While I am unsure that Ken did each and every step of all 86 chapters (there are some which have information on techniques for therapies which are currently popular) - let it be known that he left no stone unturned. If you are thinking about supplementing your therapy/recovery with some method, it is likely covered.

Just as Ken took Dr. Clark's original zapper design and improved vastly on it, he improved on her books as well. Having read all of them, I can say that he is not even coming close to simply "rehashing" what you may have already read in any or all of Hulda Clark's books. While a few methods and techniques are still there (though better explained and improved upon,) the vast majority of the book does not read like a Clark book, so no need to worry that you'll be saying "Oh, I already knew all of this."

The book is an excellent and extremely informative read and allows you to be in control of your own health and decisions. By this I mean that this is not a set list of instructions on how to get well, but a great number of items that you can look into and change or add to your lifestyle. Of course, an Ultimate Zapper is essential in my opinion to obtain stunning results, but the book is not a sales pitch on the zappers. Not even close.

In closing, I would say that even for a healthy individual who would wish to maintain optimal health through their life, this is definitely on the "must read" list. Oh, I almost forgot ... there are many, many useful links provided throughout the book which is very convenient to not only verify or understand information better, but also it keeps all of your recovery information in one place, nicely put together and extremely well-organized.

My best to you and yours,
Mark W.
Nov. 29, 2014