This 182-page online e-book contains the most accurate and comprehensive information available anywhere about mercury and heavy metal detoxification and the relative dangers of chelating with DMSA, EDTA and DMPS. It is a must read for anyone who wants to learn about mercury detoxification after the removal of "silver amalgam" fillings, which are 50% mercury. The book focuses on the pros and cons of DMSA, EDTA and DMPS chelation and highlights their potential dangers. It provides invaluable information for those who want to proceed safely through the detoxification process.

Metal chelation is a complex and serious matter. It is a fact that you can end up in worse health after chelation than when you started if you are not well-informed and if you do not proceed carefully under the care of a competent medical practitioner. I had a severe reaction to DMPS chelation. I am not the only person who experienced the perils of DMPS firsthand in the hands of an incompetent doctor. It is a fact that your practitioner may not be able to give you all the information you need to proceed safely down the chelation road. He may not be knowledgeable enough to prevent serious problems during the chelation process.

This e-book discusses my experience with DMPS and DMSA over a period of many years. I document the known risks of using DMPS with the help of experts in the field. I also relate the story of an internet friend who has MS. She took EDTA chelation with tragic results. I discuss the perils of using EDTA chelation, especially for people wth MS. I have incorporated the chelation experience of many others into this e- book. I have also compiled extensive research information about chelation and mercury toxicity so that you can make the most informed choices possible when looking at the subject of chelation. I hope the information in this e-book will help you and your practitioner understand the complex process of chelation and that it will help you through that process safely.

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