Amalgam fillings are 50% mercury and 35% silver. But the System calls them a harmless silver alloy instead of mercury amalgams -- then switches gears and classes them as a harmless device. Toxic dental mercury has not been mistaken anywhere for a harmless silver alloy or a harmless device -- except by The System. This is The Big Dental Lie.

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From Wikipedia: The Big Lie refers to a propaganda technique developed by Adolph Hitler, and documented in his 1925 autobiography Mein Kampf, which consists of telling a lie so colossal that no one would believe anyone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously".

The next time you visit your friendly family dentist ask these 7 questions and ask for his answers in writing -- with his signature at the bottom. Watch his/her reaction when you ask for their answers in writing. Their reaction (as much as their answers) will show you whose side they are on.

Your dentist and the American Dental Association (the ADA) make their living from poisoning you with mercury. They then make more money from you by removing those fillings -- without proper precautions -- which makes you FAR more mercury toxic than before removal. Their friends in the medical profession then treat your symptoms -- but they never look for mercury and never "rule out" mercury as the cause of your health problems. I call the dental system The Dental Mafia and the medical system The Medical Mafia. My Recovery Protocol provides all the details on safe removal of mercury fillings and safe mercury detoxification.

If you have Multiple Sclerosis you may also want to ask for the answers to these questions when you visit your neurologist, the MS Society and the MS Clinic -- with their signatures at the bottom -- so that you can study their answers at home. See how they match up with my answers.


"Placing" silver amalgam fillings in your mouth or drilling them out can kill you. Mercury vapor is the most "super toxic" metal vapor in the world. The words "open wide" can be a death sentence. They nearly were for me.

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you don't want to open wide?

In 1989 I made the mistake of believing what my dentist told me about the safety of so-called "silver amalgam" fillings. 29 years later dentists are still instructed by the American Dental Association not to mention the word "mercury" -- and to tell their patients that "silver" fillings which contain 50% mercury, are safe. I listened to that message in 1989 from my dentist. He knew I was on a dental plan and he was eager to profit from it by replacing my 14 mercury fillings with 14 shiny new ones.

Uninformed consent is the basis of modern dentistry. Fraud based on keeping patients in the dark is their basis for profit. I allowed my dentist to do the work. He used no protection against the mercury vapors. It nearly cost me my life. I paid the price for my ignorance when I became paralyzed with Multiple Sclerosis a few months later and nearly died from Crohn's disease in 1994. Both were caused by dental mercury poisoning. I paid my dentist for poisoning me -- and then began a 7-year struggle for my life.

The motto: Take care of yourself. Your dentist and the Dental Association are taking care of themselves -- not you.

Question #1

Silver amalgam fillings are 22% to 35% silver and 50% mercury. Why does your dentist call them silver amalgams?.


Because they have to hide the fact they are poisoning you with mercury. "Mercury amalgams" doesn't sound good. They had to find a better name for their fillings. "Silver amalgams" sounds a lot better. Doesn't it? It might scare the heck out of patients if they knew the truth. Surveys show that 74% of dental patients have no idea so-called silver amalgam fillings contain 50% mercury.

The ADA (American Dental Association) knows that, of course. But since the ADA made billions of dollars from the patents it held on "amalgams" -- and for pay-for-play endorsements -- it wouldn't be good for its image and for its bottom line if dental patients knew their fillings are 50% mercury. So, the ADA has actually made it illegal for dentists to call silver amalgam fillings by their real name -- mercury fillings. In fact, the word "mercury" is taboo in every dental office across the nation.

Question #2

By a directive of the ADA (the association that controls dentists nation-wide) your dentist is forbidden from even mentioning the word mercury to patients. He can talk to you about mercury only if you broach the subject. His license to practice dentistry can be revoked by the ADA if he initiates a conversation about mercury with a patient -- or if he even suggests that mercury fillings may be harmful to you. Why?


The American Dental Association muzzles dentists to protect itself against potential legal liability which has recently been estimated at about 3 trillion dollars. That's trillions -- not billions. This has the ADA running very scared. Dentists are in collusion with the ADA and the FDA. The ADA's mission is to protect itself even if it means lying. And it does mean lying. The ADA might have to sell off ADA Headquarters in Chicago. Dentists and doctors have taken the Hippocratic Oath which says Do No Harm, but they betray theit oath for profit. Your dentist is a mercury salesman, plain and simple. The company he works for is the ADA. If you want to talk about mercury, OK. But you have to bring up the subject with him. This is lying by omission. It's The Big Dental Lie.

Unless your dentist is enlightened and fearless he will not defy the ADA. He will tell you that mercury is harmless, otherwise he wouldn't be using it, just like my dentist told me before he nearly killed me in 1989. Mercury is deadly poison. Incredibly, your "silver amalgam" dentist not only poisons all his patients but also himself and everyone who works in his office. Everyone who works in a dental office is mercury toxic. Medical studies show that this is a fact. Nevertheless, incredibly, your dentist gambles with people's lives, including his own, for the sake of profit. Perhaps he never read the medical studies.

Dentists just turn their brains off and keep drilling. This is totally insane, of course. Dentists who use mercury are out of their minds -- in total denial. In fact, many dentists have been stricken with MS and other serious neurological diseases due to mercury poisoning. And the ADA knows it. You won't find this information in your dentist's waiting room or on the ADA's website. Mercury poisoning causes depression. Some dentists are real Mad Hatters as a result of self-poisoning with dental mercury. In fact, dentists commit suicide at a higher rate than any other professional group, according to government statistics. There can be no doubt about why. You won't find this information on the ADA's site.

Question #3

When your dentist receives a shipment of mercury the insert warns him to handle it with extreme care because it is so toxic that even breathing it can be lethal. It has to be kept immersed in water. It is considered hazardous waste by the EPA when it is not in your mouth. Mercury is in a toxicity class that is head and shoulders above all other heavy metals -- except radioactive plutonium. Would 50% plutonium in your mouth mixed with other metals be considered a "harmless alloy". If not, why does mercury suddenly and miraculously become a "harmless alloy" when your dentist "places" it in your mouth, according to your dentist, the ADA, the FDA, the American Medical Association, the MS Clinic and the MS Society?


It doesn't. They want people to think mercury is safe. This is The Big Dental Lie. Mercury is the number two toxin on the planet. They know that. It runs second only to radioactive plutonium. They know that. It is the number one brain poison on the planet. They know that. It is highly toxic in your mouth. They know that. Dr. Murray Vimy of Calgary, Canada has proved that mercury leaches into the brain from dental fillings. It only takes a few atoms of mercury to start causing neurological damage. So, it is rather obvious that dental mercury can create brain disease over time, which it often does.

Watch this video from the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) that actually shows mercury being released from a tooth with a "silver amalgam" filling. Mercury release is substantially increased when we chew, drink hot liquids or brush our teeth -- or are exposed to WiFi. This release has been measured at 1000 times the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) standard for air safety.

Watch this short movie showing how dental mercury causes brain neuron damage.

Show this information to your silver amalgam dentist. Silver amalgams are 50% mercury and only 35% silver. Calling them silver amalgams is The Big Dental Lie. They are mercury amalgams, not silver amalgams. Labeling laws apply to every single product on the market, except dental amalgams. Why is dental mercury exempt from labelling laws? Because that's the only way dentists and the ADA can continue to poison you. By lying. Nobody in their right mind who knew the truth about silver amalgams would allow themselves to be poisoned with mercury. Our ignorance is bliss for dentists and the ADA. There is no alchemy when your dentist puts a mercury filling in your mouth. The assertion that mercury becomes harmless when "placed" in your mouth is an invention of the FDA and the ADA. It is simply a lie. This is The Big Dental Lie, told for profit -- with a straight face.

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Question #4

Mercury poisoning and Multiple Sclerosis have exactly the same symptoms according to the scientific literature. Dental mercury is by far the largest source of mercury that people are exposed to, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Why don't neurologists ask patients with MS to "open wide" and discover the correlation between mercury fillings and MS? Why don't the dental profession, the ADA, the FDA, the MS Society and the neurology profession see the obvious and outlaw the use of mercury in dentistry?


They do see the obvious -- but they turn a blind eye to it. Doctors, dentists and the MS Society are in collusion to avoid looking at the issue of dental mercury. If they looked for mercury, they would find it, of course. They are not stupid. So, they just refuse to look for it. Why? Because finding that mercury poisoning from dental fillings is the cause of illness would create the largest flood of legal liability in the history of the United States of America and destroy the multi-billion dollar dental industry as we know it, as well as the ADA which controls the dental industry, and the FDA which sanctions it. The ADA and the FDA and the MS Society know all that. If the truth were told, the FDA, the ADA, dentists and the MS Society would be sued out of existence. And all the drugs that neurologists prescribe would become as sellable as snake oil. Neurologists turn a blind eye to mercury because finding it would mean a collapse of the entire MS industry including the MS Society, the mercury-based dental profession, the ADA and the FDA. They all lie to dental patients and are in collusion to poison them in order to make a living. Their conflict of interest is criminal, plain and simple. This is conspiracy to commit murder.

Question #5

Why don't neurologists rule out mercury as a cause of Multiple Sclerosis and other serious neurological illnesses given the scientific fact that mercury is the most powerful neurotoxin on the planet? According to the World Health Organization (WHO) most of the mercury in our bodies comes from "silver amalgam" fillings. And, as I pointed out above, the symptoms of MS are identical to the symptoms of mercury poisoning. According to the medical rule book, ruling out possible causes of disease is the most basic rule of the medical profession. It is RULE # 1.


Neurologists turn a blind eye to RULE # 1 because they make their living from dental mercury. Looking for mercury poisoning is out of the question for neurologists because they would find it if they looked for it. Finding mercury poisoning would create huge legal liability for them, for dentists, for the ADA, for the FDA, for the AMA and for the MS Society. The mercury connection is so obvious that, they turn a blind eye to morality which enables them to rule out looking for mercury. This is their updated version of RULE # 1.

Question #6

Why, after decades of research and billions of dollars of research money, has the medical profession come up with absolutely no answers regarding the cause and the cure for Multiple Sclerosis. They have a cure rate of zero percent. The vast majority of people with MS have mercury fillings in their mouths. The medical and dental professions and the MS Society, know very well that mercury is, by far, the most powerful neurotoxin on the planet and that dental mercury is the source of most of the mercury that people are exposed to. You'd have to eat about 357,000 sardines a day to get as much mercury into your body as you already have with the 50% mercury fillings that are already in your mouth. In my opinion, you have to be just about brain dead not to be able to connect the dots. Why is it that all those highly paid intelligent professionals cannot connect the dots? Are they brain dead?


Absolutely not. But their priority is to make money, not to connect dots. They are not in business to find answers. Finding answers would destroy their income, and they know that. They have a clear conflict of interest. What do they do? They vote for the money not for the health of their patients. Why? Because the dental profession, the neurology profession, the ADA, the FDA, the AMA and the MS Society are are morally bankrupt. They choose to turn a blind eye to the obvious because of financial gain. Office visits and doctors' prescriptions provide huge profits for the American Medical Association, for doctors, for the MS clinics and for drug companies. The only answer that doctors and the MS Society have for MS is drugs. Why? Because there is big money in drugs. And there is no money in finding a cure. Cure = elimination of profits. The MS Society is in collusion with the MS industry, helping to prevent people with MS from finding the truth. Finding mercury poisoning would mean huge loss of income, huge legal liability, the demise of the MS Society and the collapse of the entire MS industry. So they tell people with MS to live with it and be happy. Of course, the people at the MS Society don't have MS. They're living happily with the money they raise "searching for the cure" and are very happy to keep looking for the cure without ever finding it.

If people with MS recovered from MS, as I did, that would spell disaster for the MS industry. That's a very scary thought for them. Making a living by giving people the impression they are looking for the cause and cure while turning a blind eye to dental mercury is the exalted mission of the MS Society, the MS clinics and the neurology profession. What's their track record? What's their cure rate? Zero percent, nil, zilch, nada. But, hey, they're trying hard, aren't they? They're running and biking every year in search of the ever-elusive cure. Maybe if they bike far enough they'll find it.

Can you imagine the MS Society ever announcing, "Sorry folks, no running and biking anymore. We finally found the cure. Headquarters will be closed as of the 31st." Not on your life. You know as well as I do that they're going to run and bike for the cause and the cure again this year, and next year, and until hell freezes over, without ever finding the cause and the cure. It is not in their interest to find the cause and the cure. They have no intention of ever finding the cause and the cure. Finding the cause and the cure is unthinkable for them. It's their worst nightmare. The truth is your dentist, the ADA, the MS Society, the AMA, MS clinics and the neurology profession are in business to make money from mercury poisoning. Mercury is the goose that lays the golden eggs. The'll never kill the goose. They know how to take care of themselves. My advice? Take care of yourself? No one else will. I think that's pretty clear by now.

Question #7

Why, if dental mercury is harmless, did the FDA agree (in June, 2008) to settle a lawsuit brought by Moms Against Mercury. The case was: Moms Against Mercury v. Eschenbach, 07cv2332, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. This judgement was later overturned by the FDA!

Why, if dental mercury is harmless, is there a link between Multiple Sclerosis and dental mercury in a 1989/1990 study reported in the British Dental Journal? Why, if mercury is harmless, has Dr. Murray Vimy of Calgary, Canada, shown that dental mercury is highly neuro-toxic.

The FDA updated its website (as of June 14, 2008) to read: "Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses. When amalgam fillings are placed in teeth or removed from teeth, they release mercury vapor. Mercury vapor is also released during chewing. FDA's rulemaking (described in question 7) will examine evidence concerning whether release of mercury vapor can cause health problems, including neurological disorders, in children and fetuses."

Needless to say, the ADA is not too happy about the FDA's decision and about being forced to update their website to reveal the dangers of dental mercury in "silver amalgam" fillings for which they held the 2 patents (now expired). Legal liability looms just over the horizon.

2009 update: The FDA reversed its 2008 decision. Do you think there were a couple of phone calls from the ADA to the FDA? I guess the ADA's warning about "neuro-toxic effects" will be deleted from their site. Do you mean to say that dental mercury was toxic last year but this year it has miraculously become non-toxic? That's quite breathtaking when you think about it.

Let's say, for a moment, that the FDA's 2008 ruling is still valid and that the ADA's statement on its site in 2008 is true. Does mean mercury is safe for adults even if it is not safe for children?

2014 update: The FDA has again been sued over the issue of mercury fillings -- this time by The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology.


Children are just short people. Mercury is as harmful for tall people as it is for short people. It is neurotoxic for everyone but even more neurotoxic for children who are more vulnerable. The FDA has been been forced to take this first step by admitting that mercury is harmful to dental patients. This first step is a small one but the first shoe has finally dropped.

The 2009 reversal means the FDA has put the shoe back on the ADA's foot. They finally dropped their findings that dental mercury is toxic. For a moment I was worried. Now I can sleep soundly knowing that the mercury fillings that poisoned me in 1989 were not really toxic after all.

Read my denunciation of the criminal American Dental Association.

Question #8

Why do ADA employees and their families totally avoid mercury fillings? Why do they use only plastic fillings?


I think the answer if fairly obvious by now. They don't want to poison themselves and their wives and children. That's better left for others.

Read about my step-by-step program for detoxification and revitalizing the immune system in My Recovery Protocol.